I'm Headed Straight For The Castle


Once she latched on to me when we were younger, Irene never left. No matter what I did, regardless of how much we argued, she never left. And if I knew better, which frankly, I did, I could say that she was rather enjoying herself. Or, Seulgi is the queen of an entire kingdom, and Irene is an immortal witch who just won't leave her alone.


Hiya hummingbirds! Pyre here!

There's really nothing much to say this time around haha just the typical thank you so much for all the support for all of my fics, and I hope you enjoy reading about Queen Seulgi and immortal, magical girl Irene!

This one's dedicated to the Bedwarmer Squad, who tossed ideas around with me, and Tantan for the AMAZING work of art she graciously made me!

Thanks again for all the support!

~ Pyrefly

P.S. As always, I adore comments, so any comment, even just a favorite part or something, will make my day!

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