Spelling Happiness


Taeyeon doesn't want to be miserable, but she wants Tiffany to be happy, too.



I always knew you were going great places. I'm just glad I got to walk with you for a while.


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Kezziebitcrazy #1
Chapter 1: As deep as Mariana Trench
Chapter 1: This was so sweet! I Love their relationship so much
hoihung #3
Chapter 1: I cried when reading this, i think i need another box of tissues ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅜ , n yes i miss taeny... and i love ur writing style, it's full of emotion
Keiko_ney #4
Chapter 1: ??? I miss taeny...no taeny anymore.. ????
syahirah309 #5
Chapter 1: I really miss them very much!!! :"( :'(
Chapter 1: Taeny doesn't really have to be lovey dovey. Their friendship is precious to them and fans alike. There are so many things about them I'd like to learn about but I guess that's between them. Your story's view on them is beautiful
Chapter 1: Acceptance damn
I miss them so much