For eight years now, Jihyo has kept her eyes on the finish line and run with an unwavering smile on her face. But when a new girl joins the company, her deepest fears begin to catch up with her.


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Chapter 1: Oh my god Jihyo this is great! I really love your writing. I can see the real Jihyo and Mina doing and thinking just that.
I did have a bad day. Thank you for writing this and your note, it definitely made my day a bit better
1436 streak #2
Chapter 1: You did a good job with their personalities. Jihyo's thoughts were interesting to read and Mina's shy nature and her way of opening up was well written. Thank you so much for writing Mihyo, I really enjoyed this!
randomizepersonality #3
Chapter 1: this is adorable and you wrote them so well bro i'm cry thank you for the good food
scarletcrescent #4
Chapter 1: Aww this is amazing and there's not much Mihyo fic out there too so thank you so much for this. :)
soonov #5
Chapter 1: That good