The Bet


Jeonghan just wanted to be popular. He had a decent reputation at one of Korea's most prestigious schools as well as a good set of friends...but Jeonghan wanted more. He wanted to be adored and to be part of the "it" crowd. It was what everyone wanted. But everyone also knew that joining that crowd came with a price. A test.

And in Jeonghan's case, it was a bet. A challenge to get the school's most unwanted and unapproachable guy to fall in love with him. 

His friends told him not to but Jeonghan saw this as his only chance. 

Besides, what could possibly go wrong?


And, with that mindset, that was how the school's most unusual relationship began between their resident angel, Yoon Jeonghan, and the outcast, Choi Seungcheol.


Yes, I'm starting another fic. (What is wrong with me?? lol) Anyway, this was another idea that came in my head, it's pretty common but I couldn't really find one for Jeongcheol so I decided to write it myself. I'm still working on DWC so updates may be slow?? Just please be patient with me and I'll try my best to keep up with both fics!!

And yeah...another cliche about a bet gone wrong and feelings along the way. Expect romance, angst, friendship and all the jeongcheol feels!

Also.....why do I keep hurting Cheol in all my fics??? I swear he's my bias LOL


Groups included: Seventeen (obviously), some EXO, SNSD, Gfriend, Monsta X and maybe others

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Chapter 11: The more their relationship grow, the more I dreaded the storm that surely will come...
Khushill-2 #2
Chapter 11: OMG this was full of mixed feelings in a good way. You have to update quickly.?thanks for the great storyline authornim
ownwingstofly #3
Chapter 11: I love it!!!!!!!!!! Im really happy because they finally kissed! but I'm sad because I know cheol will find out about this bet and he will be heartbroken. Anyways, cant wait!!
BabyM00n #4
Chapter 11: Cute cute cute
Chapter 11: I'm feeling so bad for Cheol right now. ;(
1 points #6
Chapter 10: Somebody's falling. Hihi.

I'm not a fan of Jonghyun, but I praise how he works hard and excels in what he does. I was so shocked with the news and wouldn't believe at first. I thought he's a happy kid. I am so sad realizing that he's so good at pretending he's okay when he's deeply suffering inside. It hurts even more because I can imagine how helpless he must have been. May it be a lesson to all agencies to take care of their talents' mental and physical well-being.
1 points #7
Chapter 10: Welll,u wrote out my feelings well...and i feel d same way too..just d thot of him suffering all alone all these years is really heartbreaking i wish evrryone has somebody to lean on for real..i wish humanity retain its trur nature amidst these heartless self loving world.....i still remember being totally blown away by his vocals in d 2009 era and has been rooting for them eversince....its still quite a shock to hear this tragic happening...but we're all humans right.......and thank u for d update and ur reassuring a/n at the end...its calming,soothing to hear words like urs for a fellow mourner....he was so much of a big heart but the world did not see the pains the chains that had locked him up so bad.....a very kind soul....and now he is free....r.i.p jonghyunah....(im sorry of my emotional,mourning rant but i feel so happy to read ur a/n)
raito034 #8
Chapter 10: hoooooo~~~ a date~~~ seungcheol totally fall over head for jeonghan... i hope jeonghan finally realise that he's being used.. and he didn't make seungcheol sad :(
Gabbiehunt #9
Chapter 9: Poor Cheol,,, when's Jeonghan gonna see the truth about Sehun and realize the sweet little feelings he has for Cheolie.. I really want this to go well but... angst... Thank you for writing this by the way! I love it
ownwingstofly #10
Chapter 9: I feel bad for seungcheol ㅠㅠ but it was so cute, I cant wait for the date!!