To Hear the Angels Sing


“You’re an angel, Jinki. Don’t limit your mind.”

Lee Jinki dies in late November but he is not prepared for the people he's about to meet at Head Quarter nor the challenges that will arrive when he returns to Earth to make Christmas special for a certain someone that doesn't immediately think he's a gift sent from above. 
And love? Well, love may be a thing nobody really expected.






“Hey, look, it’s a mistletoe!” Kibum says and Jinki stops in his track when he realizes that there are mistletoes hung on the lines above their heads and that they’re standing right below one. Kibum wiggles his eyebrows suggestively and Jinki’s heart speeds up.
“Don’t be stupid,” he says and looks around. Kibum laughs.
“Are you scared?” he asks and Jinki turns back to him with an incredulous look.
“Yeah,” he says like it’s logical and Kibum snickers. “Who would want to kiss you?”

His reply has Kibum choking on saliva and Jinki laughs when he runs away while Kibum charges after him. People look at them like they’re stupid and immature but in this moment, there is nothing Jinki wants to feel more than this free together with Kibum. And Kibum’s laughter only makes it better.

They end up in Kibum’s living room, a Christmas movie playing on the TV but none of them is watching. Kibum is running his hands through Jinki’s hair and Jinki is contemplating telling Kibum he won’t be there for New Years.
“Hey,” Kibum says and pulls a little on Jinki’s hair. Jinki winces and sits up instead of lying down. “Did you mean it when you said you were scared at the market?”
Jinki blinks a little while he thinks back to the market. He tilts his head slightly before he shrugs a little.
 “I don’t like getting insulted publicly and you never know what those drunk men at the mulled wine stand would do to a gay couple.”
Only when he has said the words does he realize what they sound like.
“I mean …” he tries but Kibum nods a little and it interrupts Jinki’s sentence and provokes him into silence.
“So if I told you I stole a piece of mistletoe and brought it back here, would you kiss me?”
i'm honestly very fond of the christmas angel au. it was a prompt i found somewhere that grew immensely and i hate it for growing but also just ... what a precious thing, really. 

i know i shouldn't write christmas stories like this in september but it feels right. it feels so right so i'm going to do it anyway. I didn't know it would evolve into 20k but guys, things happen apparently. i hope you survive.

i also hope you enjoy if you decide to read. genuinely. this is for you and for onkey. 
christmas is a wonderful time. 

also, a small advertisement-thing because i'm in love with this prompt "shop". it's called
spectacular cupcake and you should definitely check it out. (and no, i'm not paid to advertise, heh.)

// kim minji


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because i actually have playlists for my stories. 

❆ 따뜻한 겨울 Our Season - kim Jonghyun

❆ Moon drop - shinee
❆ door - lee taemin
❆ 혜야 (Y Si Fuera Ella) [Live] - Kim Jonghyun

❆ Sekaide ichiban aiahito - lee taemin
❆ 산하엽 Diphylleia grayi - Kim Jonghyun
❆ 엘리베이터 Elevator - Kim Jonghyun
❆ 재연 An Encore (Live) - SHINee
❆ Soldier - Lee Taemin
❆ 미안해 I’m Sorry - Kim Jonghyun
❆ Colors of the Season - SHINee
❆ 벌써 Already - Lee Taemin
❆ Love - SHINee
❆ Sayonara Hitori - Lee Taemin
❆ 내가 사랑했던 이름 The Name (feat. 김연우) - SHINee
❆ 버리고 가 Better Off (Live) - SHINee
❆ Your Name - SHINee
❆ If You Love Her - SHINee
❆ 떠나지 못해 Sleepless Night (Live) - SHINee
❆ Diamond Sky - SHINee
❆ 알람시계 Alarm Clock [Live] - SHINee
❆ 누난 너무 예뻐 Replay [Live] - SHINee
❆ 잠꼬대 (Please, Don't Go) - SHINee
❆ 너와 나의 거리 Selene 6.23 (Live) - SHINee
❆ Winter Wonderland - SHINee
❆ Green Rain - SHINee
❆ 하나 One - SHINee
❆ 사랑의 길 (Love's Way) - SHINEe
❆ 그녀가 헤어졌다 (One for Me) - SHINee
❆ Run With Me - SHINee
❆ Moon River Waltz - SHINee
❆ Melody - SHINee
❆ Keeping Love Again - SHINee
❆ 방백 Aside - SHINee
❆ Fire - SHINee
❆ Sing For You - EXO
❆ If You Leave Me Now - Foxes
❆ Deep Breath - Kim Jongin
❆ The Day - K.Will & Byun Baekhyun
❆ Breathin' - Shinhwa
❆ Nessun Dorma - Lee Jinki
❆ 1000 Nen, Zutto Soba Nii Ite... - SHINee
❆ Miracles in December - EXO
❆ 빗소리 Rain Sound - B.A.P
❆ The First Noel - SM TOWN
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melagoyangi #1
Chapter 5: I wanted to thank you for this beautiful fanfic. I’ve read many but thid turns out to be one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever read. I can relate to Jinki so much and I really really love Onkey. I’m in love at how you portrayed ‘heaven’ and all the characters, the development of the story and their relationship. I found this at the right time, even tho it’s summer. Thank you!!!
209 streak #2
Chapter 2: Oh my God, the little gestures that Jinki does for Kibum to smile. C’X I can’t help but to coo and squeal at every single thing Jinki did, like how he joined a choir and sang at places where Kibum would surely pass by just so that he would smile. Or how he sent gifts to Kibum’s grandmother after knowing she was sick, and also writing letters to him so Kibum could read them in the morning. But the cutest is when Jinki made a snowman outside of Kibum’s house so that it could bid him every morning, daaaww-

When Kibum finally decides to stay until Jinki finishes with his Christmas carol, and the staring contest that they had. (•w•) How can something so simple be so cute? MissMinew, wtf, how do you even do that??
But, naaaw, Christmas is going to end soon. (TAT) Jinki probably grew a tad bit too fond of Kibum, and now he just can’t let Kibum go so easily. (QnQ) Poor Jinki-

It’s cute how Jinki got unnecessarily jealous over Ryeowook considering Kibum’s case. X’D I don’t usually like ‘unnecessary jealous’ stuff, but maybe it’s the fact that Jinki doesn’t have any sort of possessive behaviour in him, or that he has no crush on Kibum (as of now), that’s why it’s not as infuriating. XP Or, it’s also because we got Ryeowook here- XD (I’m sorry, I just like Ryeowook so much-)

P/S: Paperwork- the bane of existence, even angels can’t handle them. X’DDD
209 streak #3
Chapter 2: I couldn’t help but to laugh at every failed attempt by Jinki. X’D Poor Jinki, he probably didn’t expect his job to be this difficult. :’) But, with the third attempt, he managed finally, so that’s all good.
The little encounter on the third try though. X’D I can’t help but to find myself squealing over a few parts, like when Kibum got surprised at Jinki’s request to being a friend or how Kibum finally gave in to Jinki’s plea in showing him around town. I don’t even know why I’m fangirling over this, it’s so weird.

And when Kibum was finally done showing Jinki around, but Jinki wants to stay with Kibum a little longer. It’s really cute to see how persuasive Jinki is with Kibum, and it’s even cuter (somehow) when Kibum gives in. :’D Daaaw, Kibum acts all tough and stuff, but is actually so soft and sweet inside. <3
And, about the little things that Jinki notices about Kibum. (0u0) How Kibum acts confident but is playing with a napkin to calm his nerves, or every time he stutters when Jinki asks something unexpected. (0v0) Is it possible to faint from so much fangirling?
Finally, when Kibum was about to leave the coffee shop but Jinki stopped him to ask if they could meet again. The smile Kibum gave him- XD I probably fangirl too much when it happened, and the ‘maybe’ that Kibum gives to Jinki’s question. (QwQ)
Actually, you know what? The WHOLE scene in the coffee shop is just plain adorable and worthy of fangirling! Don’t question me, it’s just so asdfjkl-

e, man, I was NOT prepared for the VERY next scene that came after that. X’D How Kibum VOLUNTARILY went up to Jinki and bid him, and also actually asked him to ACCOMPANY him. It’s just, oh my goodness-
It’s amusing to see that Kibum would talk about fashion stuff. X’D He didn’t at all seem the type, considering his personality and stuff. :’D But then again, looks can be deceiving, so-
When Jonghyun appears out of nowhere and Jinki screeched like a little girl. X’DDD I genuinely laughed at that, that is just cute and funny. (.u.)
“To make sure you don’t jump in front of a train again.” (O_O) Oh, e, savageee- X’D Jinki does not approve.

I think Imma stop my comment here before it gets out of hand and becomes a full blown essay. XP I’m basically just typing out every single thought that came to mind at every scene at this point. (QQ) Sorry-
209 streak #4
Chapter 1: I’m already enjoying the fic and it’s just the first chapter! X’D I like how two frustrated Taemin and Minho aren’t helping a confused Jinki at all and just catapulting him into the world of unknown. :’D Poor Jinki, luckily Jonghyun was there to help. But even HE has things to take care of (whatever Irene did must be serious if he ran out of the office on short notice like that X’D) and I TOTALLY did not fangirl a tiny bit at the mention of EXO members & Ryeowook. (>_>) Ahaha, I really like it when my biases are mentioned in fanfics not concerning them, sorry. XP

This is a really great first chapter! I can’t believe it took me this long to finally read it. X’D
Took me a while to read this, but I planned on leaving a comment once I had.

My living human soul can't take the amount of time and love you put into any story you write.

I feel like this genuinely happened (although, it can't have really happened because thankfully our idols are alive) but omygosh! That's how your stories make me feel. They pull me in so deep and once they're over I feel so lost!

Where's the live ongoing documentary on OnKey that we deserve xD

This was seriously amazing ^^; Thank you for creating another piece of magic.
Chapter 5: This is sooo beautiful and nice!! My onkey heart is screaming in joy when I read this and all the feels from this ;;; I'm glad to finally be able to read another onkey fic after yes a long time. Thank you for writing this author nim ? Their love here is soo beautiful and sweet i feel so full!!! it ends perfectly but I won't mind if there would be a drabble or a lil bit of continuation of their life after kibum joins jinki there XD Ahhh so nice!!! Well done,really!!!
Chapter 5: This has got to be the best fic I've read in a loooong while. Yoh made me cry on the airplane reading this! So beautifully written ❤️
Hope to read another onkey from you soon!
Chapter 5: Uuuurgh.. Kibum indeed came for Jinki.. ^^
So, the closure, trainwreck.. haha
But, how did Kibum die??
Chapter 5: Beautiful story, as i expected, kibum will follow jinki to HQ. I love it.. Thank you for this amazing story. Will you make an epilogue for this?
SHIN33ee #10
Chapter 5: Read it in one shot! It's really amazing, but I need closure!!!! What happened to Kibum?! I need a bit more after... like Taemin telling Kibum about Jinki's nickname and then a little more after they meet!!! <33333