Castle on the Hill


Can I be the prince who will climb your castle?


Can you please let me not meet him or her until the moment one of us stops going here?

 It's not as grand as yours, but, yeah.




I just finished my Youngmin fic, please read it if you have time! 

Click HERE to get re-directed to the Youngmin fic!!
This might be slow in updates, btw. ;---; Since I'm joining the jinhwi fic fest in Twitter!!


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Chapter 4: It's okay, good luck with it!
Chapter 3: This is so beautifully written... *^* The last part is so emotional and deep ;;
Chapter 3: Ah i need more of their interaction :( the two of them has a purpose for coming there and i hope they'll eventually let go of their problems
Is this also cross-posted on Wattpad?
Chapter 2: Is it her mother? I hope she's okay. She might feel like she's afraid to make new friends, but it is necessary, whether we like it or not:( woojin, be her friend!
Chapter 2: Did her mom die? :'(

and.. Woojin is such a cute guy XD imagine him smiling/laughing a lot ;; you could see his cute snaggletooth >.<
btsxexo #7
Chapter 2: This is such a cute story... who is 'her', what happened to 'her'? i need to know! Please update soon!!! Love your story already
Chapter 1: Aww.. it's a cute start.. I can't wait for more ;A;
Chapter 1: The first chapter is great! But did you accidentally pasted it twice? Because your note is kinda in the middle of the story.. heheh