Monsta High

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A Monsta x highschool fanfiction .



Monsta x fictions ;
Honestly  / /  Can't we love ?




Title : Monsta High

Character : Monsta x & [oc]

Status : Ongoing

Chapter : Chaptered

Genre : romance, light angst

Started : 150817

Ended : -

Artwork : WJH ☆ graphic studio

Author : minmungi / ranisseu


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missYOOki #1
Hai.... I just want to tell you that i really enjoy this story, i was re-read this a couple times coz i really love it. I know that you're bussy, but i Hope you can update anytime soon♥♥♥.
momoxia #2
Chapter 9: hey i love this story too:") omg i like the way you made stories and the plot and the cast ofcourse;) btw fighting for your college and stories~^^
I'm crazy over this story. Can't wait for the next update.
Deeeeeee #4
Chapter 9: Thank u for the update :)
Chapter 9: Poor Kihyun ㅠㅠ
kim20alie #6
Chapter 8: I love this!!! Can't wait another update!! >_<
Deeeeeee #7
Chapter 8: Love your story :) I’ll wait for next update :)
Chapter 8: T^T sob
Deeeeeee #9
Chapter 7: Omg poor kihyun... im literally crying tho,,, i feel sorry for him T^T

Really love this fanfic, hope you’ll update it soon :)
Chapter 7: Please update soon :3