Chapter One

Uncontainable -Jeon Jungkook-
love is a beautiful pain
"Why does he keep doing this to me?!?" I screamed, feeling the attack of anger coming over me, I slammed my now balled up fist on my marbled kitchen counter. 

"Hyide calm down" I heard My close friend Jungkook Said, I looked over at him sitting in a chair at the dining room table, and his face showed me a look of pure worry.

Jungkook was always quite frightened when she got angery, he knew all about her anger problems and how bad she could get, but he wasnt scared of her hurting him.. he was scared of her hurting her own self.

 He cared about her more than himself, He cared about her more than she cared about him. He knew he loved her, but didnt even know if she loved him back in that way and even if she did it wouldnt reciprocate to the amount he loved her.

"He got off at 5pm Jungkook, 5 Freaking Pm! and its past 10pm and hes out there doing God knows what!" I yelled in fustration, I picked up the glass cup in front of me and gripped it tight.

"Its Okay Hyide, maybe he's just in traffic or had to overwork?" Jungkook said trying to cheer you up, but he knew deep down that wasnt the case. 

"Dont Try To Feed Me With Lies Jungkook! DONT! For 5 Hours? No Call? No Text? I Called Him 10 Times!  And He Hasnt Answered Any! He Hasnt Replied To Any Of My Text Either! Hes Admitted To Cheating Before And I Took Him Back Because I Thought Everyone Deserves A Second Chance!" I Once Again Yelled Raising my voice a bit higher as my anger got higher as well. 

"He's probably not cheating Hyide, maybe something just popped up.." Jungkook said and he once again lied to you in another attempt to cheer you up, he also very well thought he was cheating too,  but didnt want you getting all worked up. 

But when jungkook said that , the anger Hyide felt then took over her whole body and  she walked up to him and grabbed both sides of his collar and tighted both her fist around the polyster fabric she was holding and looked at jungkook straight in the eyes with her anger filled eyes which could now be possibly showing fire, but his eyes still showed her worry. 

"And Just What If He Is Cheating On Me Right Now Jungkook?!? Huh!?!, Are You Trying To Cover Up For Him!?, Are You Both Against Me Or Something?!!?" I said, my eyes then filled up with fustrated tears and in a matter of seconds I started sobbing. 

"W-well, a-re you a-ganist me too Jungkook?" I asked again with my barely audible voice, which was making my sentence slur. I then felt jungkook pull me into his lap and he rubbed circles onto my back while I sobbed some more. 

"I'll never be against you hyide, I just want you to feel better." He said, and he pitied her because he knew she deserved better but she was so brainwashed by this guy that she thinks is in love with her, Jungkook let out a sigh.

Both of them stayed in this position for a long time till he heard snores coming out of Hyide, he took a peak at her now peaceful figure she was way calmer than she was just some time ago, he picked hyide up bridal style and took her to her bedroom and laid her on her bed, he also sneaked in a kiss on her cheek before going to her living room and sitting on her couch. 

Jungkook figured that he would just sleep at her house for tonight , just so he can make sure that she was safe and not harming herself in any way, and if her boyfriend comes through, he'll just tell him that he was a friend visiting her.

but her boyfriend never came that night...

love is a beautiful pain
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