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Prompt: There wasn't a prompt so I went ahead and did a cat hybrid Junhyung and his loving boyfriend Hyunseung. It's not mentioned in the fic but Junhyung is a bombay cat!
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Thank you for requesting<3 I hope you all enjoy this, kiwoon is coming up next!!



The rain continued on relentlessly through their entire bus journey, Junhyung wouldn’t exactly say he hated the rain, if anything he just really disliked it. Although he would’ve been in a better mood than he was right now if his car hadn’t happened to be in the mechanics shop, without his car Junhyung and Hyunseung had resorted t using public transportation aka taking the bus.

Junhyung didn’t initially want to go with Hyunseung in the first place, the other even insisted that it was okay and it’ll only take him around thirty minutes. However Junhyung had forced himself to go either way, the heavy rain can only mean traffic and he was positive that along the way the eldest would get distracted and end up buying more unnecessary things that they didn’t actually need for their apartment.

“Hey, are you okay?” next to him a pair of concerned doe eyes greeted him, Junhyung nodded. The rain from earlier on had soaked the ends of Hyunseungs hair but not a lot for it to be completely wet, he reached out to fix a couple of stray strands tucking them back in place. The eldest didn’t mind this at all; in fact he was used to it. Thankfully their journey on the bus was ending soon as Hyunseung reminded him that they were getting off at the next stop. Hopping out of their seats the duo rushed out into the rain, Junhyung fumbled with the umbrella finally getting it to open up, the eldest huddled close to him as they hurriedly paced down the pavement towards the grocery store. They were beyond relieved to be somewhere warm and dry for the mean time, Junhyung grabbed a blue basket from the side after shoving the wet umbrella into a spare plastic bag within his backpack.

He tagged behind Hyunseung letting the other lead the way through numerous aisles, whilst passing through, a couple of hybrids happened to catch his attention. The fox hybrid and dog hybrid seemed to be complaining about today’s weather.

Hybrids were very common among today’s society.

Even though it took a while for normal people to get used to being around hybrids there wasn’t much of a difference between the two species anyway. Hybrids deserved to be treated with respect just the same as any normal person. The only obvious difference would have to be that one of the species happened to have a splash of a certain animal type within their genes. After a long debate between humans coming into terms with hybrids, things eventually have cooled down between two, nevertheless not everyone was in complete agreement. And Junhyung was definitely aware of that.

“Junhyung, which one should I pick?” In Hyunseungs hands were two identical looking zucchini’s.

“The one in your right hand, what’re you gonna cook for dinner by the way?” Taking the zucchini into a small clear plastic bag, Junhyung placed it in the basket along with the red bell pepper and broccoli that Hyunseung handed over.

“I’m gonna make vegetable soup for dinner since it’s been raining the whole day, it’s nice to have something healthy for once also the others are coming over today.”

“I thought that was tomorrow.” Junhyung sulked; his ears visibly drooped against his head. He didn’t feel like spending the rest of the day with the others, he was mainly hoping to spend his day with just Hyunseung alone.

“Are you upset Junnie?” He didn’t even have to face the other to tell that Hyunseung was teasing him right now.

“Poor Junnie~ aren’t you looking forward to seeing our friends later on?”

“They’re not my friends they’re yours” Hyunseung rolled his eyes, he knew Junhyung didn’t really mean that “And I’m not in the mood to spend time with them.” The tip of his raven tail swished agitatedly below.

Hyunseung laughed at the way the hybrid was acting so childish. Snapping out of his despair Junhyung peeked to his side watching the other laugh away, and then he thought of an idea.

“Can’t you tell them that we’re not in town or something.”

“No can do, we planned this last week remember.” Hyunseung dropped a packet of green beans into the basket.

Stepping off to the side, Hyunseung looked over his list quickly going over what else he needed left for dinner. Junhyung wordlessly stood behind the other silently watching Hyunseung; the oldest almost dropped the vegetables when a pair of warm arms s around his waist. The cat hybrid shamelessly pressed himself closer to Hyunseung nuzzling his nose into the silk vanilla scented hair.

“Seungie~ please cancel the dinner meet up tonight.” A sleek tail swayed behind him, the smirk on his lips grew the moment he spotted Hyunseungs ears and cheeks turn red.

“Junhyung stop it.” The arms that held him captive only brought him closer to Junhyung’s chest; he knew what the other was trying to do.

His ears flickered on top of his head. “I’m not doing anything seung, I’m just giving my boyfriend a back hug that’s all.” Junhyung on the other hand was delightfully enjoying every second of this.

Hyunseung turned around scowling face to face at Junhyung. “You know exactly well what you’re doing Junhyung and I’m not gonna give in.”

The hybrid grinned nonetheless before pressing his forehead against the other, causing Hyunseung’s breath hitched in his throat. “I’ll buy you dinner for two weeks if you cancel tonight plans…I’ll also throw in a secret bonus gift just you.” In all honesty Hyunseung was very tempted on giving in, he’d love to spend night cuddled up under the blankets as they binged one of his favourite kdramas in bed (thankfully it was his turn to pick what they should watch this night) however the only thing that was holding him back was his pride. Hyunseung didn’t want to give into the satisfaction of Junhyung having things go his way.

Junhyung watched Hyunseung zone out right in front of him. Whilst his boyfriend was lost in his thoughts Junhyung decided to take this opportunity to admire Hyunseungs long eyelashes and the way the light brought justice to the high cheekbones he adored so much. Before he could break Hyunseung out of his trance a couple of high pitch giggling from across stole both of their attentions, once they were caught the strangers soon became flustered as they hastily walked away avoiding Junhyung’s pointed stare. It didn’t escape his hearing on how they gushed over how cute the two couple were. This is true because they are a cute couple.

“Junhyung, stop-” A cheerful ringtone erupted from Hyunseungs phone, the notification popped up almost immediately as he’d taken his phone out of his pocket. “We need to hurry up, seobie just texted me that they’ll be over within an hour or two.”

Breaking free from Junhyung’s arms, Hyunseung quickly snatched the vegetables he was holding before dropping them into the basket. Junhyung dejectedly watched Hyunseung jog down the aisle with the shopping list in his grip.

His ears drooped down once again; his ideal night alone with Hyunseung wasn’t gonna happen at all today.


Amazingly they made it home in record time of twenty five minutes. They left their wet shoes by the door whist the soaked umbrella took refuge in their bath tub.

Amazingly they made it home in record time of twenty five minutes they left their wet shoes by the door whilst the soaked umbrella room refuge in their bathtub.


Junhyung brought their bag full of groceries into the kitchen immediately sorting them out into their respective places leaving behind the ingredients for tonight's dinner. Behind him Hyunseung had brought out the pans. Cutting boards and other materials he'll need soon. Junhyung handed over the vegetables to Hyunseung as the eldest take them one by one washing them thoroughly before placing them onto the chopping board, next to him the hybrid observed the other diligently cut the vegetables into smaller proportions. The rhythmic sound of the knife colliding with the board echoed throughout the room.


"Junnie are you even going to help me?"


Junhyung hummed in thought. "You've mostly got everything covered right now so..."


Hyunseung rolled his eyes playfully, using his knife to sweep the chopped bell pepper and zucchini into separate smaller bowls. Junhyung smiled leaning in to kiss the side of Hyunseungs neck, getting off the counter Junhyung walked across the room to grab his apron. The hazel coloured apron had the famous rilakkuma face right in the centre which conveniently was also a pocket; Hyunseung was also wearing the same apron as him apart from the fact that his one had korillakuma instead. Yoseob had jokingly bought them the couple apron a couple of weeks ago claiming that he'd immediately thought of the duo when he was out shopping.


Tying the bow tightly behind his back, Junhyung stood beside Hyunseung insisting that he would chop up the rest of the vegetables. Hyunseung let him continued from where he left off as he heated the pot to prepare the broth. He waited for a minute before stirring the broth around. Hyunseung dropped in the onions first then asked Junhyung to put the rest of the vegetables in. For the next couple of minutes a comfortable silence surrounded them apart from the bubbling heat erupting from the pot. Junhyung proceeded to clean up the counter throwing out any leftover mess before taking out the yellow washing gloves under the sink cupboard to wash up the smaller bowls and chopping board.

"You know you could've just ordered in chicken for dinner and make the rest bring in beer and other snacks."

Hyunseung picked up the wooden spoon stirring the contents in the pot. "I know, but this gloomy weather is perfect for vegetable soup. We can do that tomorrow if you'd like." Dipping the spoon back in the pot Hyunseung scooped up some of the soup before blowing it off some of the heat, instead of tasting it himself he brought the spoon up to Junhyung’s lips. Without hesitation he tasted the soup in front of him releasing a hum of approval right after.

"It's delicious."

"Thank you junnie~" Hyunseung left the spoon in the sink as he leaned up to scratch the spot behind Junhyung’s ear. He happily purred leaning closer into Hyunseung, his raven tail came up to curl around the others waist.


The moment was broken at the sound of their door pass code beeping, the distinct echo of the door opening crept into the air with a rush of multiple padded footsteps.


Junhyung’s purring stilled. Some invisible force in the universe definitely didn't want the hybrid to have his way at all today and it was getting on his nerves. The scowl only deepened once two familiar faces popped up by the doorway.

“Hey hyungs! We brought over some snacks on the way here. Hope you guys aren’t too busy” Yoseob impishly grinned at Junhyung, eyes pointing at the fact that the other was still practically curled around the eldest.

A pair of soft brown ears perked up. “Oh! Seung hyung! What’re you cooing for dinner it smells delicious.” Kikwangs tail waved behind him in excitement; if someone told him that he was drooling right now he certainly wouldn’t care about it at all.

The eldest in the room laughed cheerfully. “Thanks you two. I’m cooking vegetable soup for dinner.”

Yoseob sniffed the air appreciating the sweet scent. “Can’t wait for it to be finished, should I just leave the drink and snacks here or in the living room?”

“You can just leave them in the living room.”

Kikwang left Yoseobs side to get a closer look at boiling pot. “It looks and smells heavenly hyung! Can I have a taste?”

“No. you definitely can’t. It’s almost finished anyway so just wait in the living room.”

The dog hybrid pouted at Hyunseung complaining about Junhyung being mean to him however Junhyung had shooed the other away before Hyunseung could even speak. Kikwang had eventually left with Yoseob but not without yelling how cute the aprons looked on both of them as he ran out.

Within their group there were six of them in total including Junhyung and Hyunseung. Coincidentally all of them pretty much knew of one another but they’ve never gotten the timing right to exactly meet up all together. Starting off with Junhyung he’d met Dongwoon in his work place, Dongwoon started his internship at the company and Junhyung was chosen to take care of him and show him how everything worked. The duo had clicked instantly they were seen almost always together during work.

With Dongwoon came Kikwang his hybrid boyfriend, Dongwoon had brought the other along to dinner with him to celebrate his first year of successfully working in business. Unlike Junhyung, Kikwang was a dog hybrid, specifically a beagle. Within the first hour of their dinner together he’d come to like Kikwangs company as much as the youngest, Kikwang positively lived up to the beagle type troupe he was easygoing, companionable and lovable. Junhyung could see why Dongwoon liked him so much plus he felt like a big brother being glad to find out that his youngest brother had someone they definitely deserve.

It didn’t take long for Kikwang to bring in his best friend Yoseob turning the group number into an even four. The cat hybrid had learned (the hard way) that the two of them together only meant trouble and someone getting hurt in the end which ominously was him most of the times. Despite the headaches they give him Junhyung did enjoy being around Yoseob he saw him as a younger brother, a terribly annoying brother. Around two months and a half later Doojoon stepped in as Yoseobs new boyfriend. Doojoon Just like Kikwang was dog hybrid too, a Belgian malinois.

Out of the additional duo who got added to the group, Junhyung and Doojoon didn't get along straight away as he did with Kikwang and Yoseob. It was more like the cat hybrid absolutely detested being around the eldest. As a Belgian Malinois dog hybrid are very well known to be confident, smart and loyal. However if you asked Junhyung he'd correct you straight away by saying he's actually a nuisance, smug and narcissistic. They were both pretty much the opposites of each other Doojoon being an extrovert whilst Junhyung thought of himself more of a introvert.


It took a very long time for them to actually agree on something for once since they were never on the same page on any topic and opinion, whenever they disagreed on something it always seemed to escalate into a full blown argument. Yoseob would be found instigating leaving Kikwang to watch it all unfold with no intention to help whilst the maknae tried his best to calm both parties down. After coming onto their newfound bond over their similar music tastes their arguments had then finally died down but that didn't mean that they've completely stopped bickering as much as Dongwoon wished.


Doojoon wasn't all that bad; after all if Junhyung hadn't met him then he wouldn't have gotten the chance to meet Hyunseung. He remembered the dog hybrid asking him a huge favour if he could allow a close friend of his to be his roommate since Junhyung's previous roommate Seungho had moved out. After countless bribes he finally caved in, they organised a meet up to sort and exchange info beforehand.


Since then things have never been the same, before it could even hit him Junhyung had fell for Hyunseung and Hyunseung had also fell for Junhyung too.


"Can you pour the vegetable soup into the bowl for me please?" The cat hybrid nodded as he securely transferred the contents into the bowl Hyunseung was holding.


Once the bowl was full Junhyung took the empty pot to wash thoroughly under the running faucet. The steaming bowl of soup was taken onto the dining table; Hyunseung was heading towards the cabinets when two new visitors entered the kitchen.

“Hey hyung do you need any help?”

He perked up as he recognised it was just Dongwoon and Doojoon, “You can help me by bringing the dinning ware into the living room.” The eldest pointed out which bowls and plates to take out from the top cupboard since it was a little hard for him to reach in comparison to the youngest. Doojoon cheekily ruffled Hyunseungs hair before gathering the glasses just above from where the plates were, stacking he took two pairs of glasses stacking them into each other for both of his hands to carry. The maknae disappeared into the living room where Yoseobs loud laughter could be heard; Hyunseung tagged a long carrying extra bowls that Dongwoon couldn’t carry.

The clanking of plates had the ears on top of Doojoon’s head twitch, behind him he found Junhyung thoroughly washing the dishes.

“Oh cinderelly cinderelly~”

He snickered at the sight of Junhyung’s ears and tails straightening out for a split second, then relaxing once he noticed it was only Doojoon. He immediately shot a glare over his shoulder, “What the hell do you want Doojoon.”

“First of all, it’s Doojoon hyung. Secondly, I just want to say it’s weird to seeing you being so domestic. Finally that apron looks very cute on you.”

Junhyung rolled his eyes; he turned the tap off as he finally turned around. “One, I’ll never call you hyung. Two, shut up and three, I’ll always look better than you it’s a fact.”

“A fact? Who said so.”

“I did.”

The dog hybrid laughed, “That’s not a fact that’s just your opinion.”

"Wrong it's definitely a fact and I'm never wrong."

A glint sparked in Doojoon eyes, Junhyung knew all too well that this gonna end up with both of them clawing at each other's throat. A typical cat and dog fight, almost literally.


Hyunseung walked back into the kitchen seeing the duo glaring at each other like, the scene reminded him of those old cowboy movie standoffs that happened in high noon. "Please don't start fighting again."


"Don't worry seung we're not fighting, it’s just that your boyfriend refuses to admit that he's wrong that's all."


Junhyung scoffed under his breath at the statement. "You guys can continue after dinner, everything's almost done I just have to reheat the pork buns and I'll bring them over."

“Alright, seungie~ see you later cinderelly.”

Hyunseung laughed ushering Doojoon out before Junhyung could retaliate once again. Junhyung drained the sink as he returned the washing gloves back under the sink.

Grabbing the soft towel from the side, Hyunseung took one of the dishes off of the rack. “Seung, you don’t have to dry them off. I’ll do them besides there isn’t much to put away.”

He hummed placing the dry bowl off to the side. “I can’t leave Cinderella to do all the dishes by herself.”

Before he could reach for another dish off the rack, his vision was filled with the colour hazel, warm arms surrounded him once again holding him place. “My prince charming is oh so kind and handsome.”

Hyunseung laughed into Junhyung’s chest letting the other to snuggle into the crook of his neck. Junhyung at first glanced always seemed to be intimidating and stand offish which is just half of what he is really, people seemed to forget that Junhyung is also surprisingly very affectionate (specifically for Hyunseung) and soft in the inside. He also had a little mischief in him since Junhyung was always a bit of prankster just like Yoseob and Kikwang.

Stepping back a little Hyunseung looked up to finding nothing but warmth and fondness in his eyes. “I’m sorry that we couldn’t spend the rest of the night being lazy.”

“It’s not your fault at all, besides we can always just do it tomorrow.”

Hyunseung smiled as he relaxed back into Junhyung’s chest, he was literally a human furnace filled with passion and love. Junhyung ran his hands up and down Hyunseungs back, the side of his cheek rested just at the top of Hyunseungs head whilst the eldest’s arms circled around his waist. The two indulged themselves in each other’s company feeling entirely content.


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