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Prompt: Can you, Please, write aboout junseung? Something with junhyung composing a song and hyunseung being his 4D self.

Thank you for reuquesting!! I hope you enjoy this (。’▽’。)♡


For as long as he could remember music had always been important to him.

His whole life had revolved around it, always and forever will be. Junhyung had even pushed himself to the extent where he would always make it a priority, especially over his own health. Like a moth to a flame Junhyung piercingly went straight on regardless of all the obstacles he’d overcame along the way. After all if it weren’t for him being so strong headed and passionate about music he wouldn’t be where he was right now.

He stopped the track midway to take in his surroundings; the segment that Junhyung had been ruthlessly moulding was slowly coming together. Glancing at the top right corner of his home screen he’d noticed it was just a little over six am, he first started editing the track around noon he roughly guessed. Junhyung couldn’t fully remember his journey from the apartment to his studio, sliding the headphones off his head; Junhyung rolled his chair back to stretch his aching arms and the knots embedded in his neck.

The studio was almost quiet apart from the soft hums coming from the studio equipment around him, after stretching Junhyung finally stood up from his seat; Junhyung frowned at the current state of his desk. Piles of papers filled with scratchy handwritings were spilled across him with an occasional wrapper from the snacks he bought along the way to the studio. Without a moment to spare Junhyung gathered and sorted out the papers into their various files that he kept on top of the cabinet, numerous lyrics as well as rushed notes were all stored safely away. Junhyung was about to dump the rest of his trash in the almost full bin when a snore broke him out of his focus.

Was there someone else in the studio with him?

Junhyung turned to the corner of the room where a figure laid sleeping with their back faced towards him. Just from a single glance he already knew who it was, Junhyung carefully walked headed for the sofa as his lips stretched into a tired smile subconsciously. A pastel blue blanket was draped across the figure with raven coloured hair splayed on the worn out plaid pillow. Junhyung mentally noted that he should buy new pillows for his studio the next time he went shopping.

“Hey, Seung.” He winced slightly at his own raspy voice. “Seung, wake up.” Junhyung gently ran his fingers through Hyunseung’s hair admiring the way the sun light reflected off giving subtle hints of blue.

It didn’t take long for Hyunseung to wake up; he was a light sleeper after all. Hyunseung’s eyes fluttered open, his vision gradually adjusting to the slightly dim studio. “Junhyung?”

He grinned in response. “Hyunseung?”

Said person rolled his eyes snuggling further into the blue blanket. Junhyung continued combing through Hyunseung’s hair admiring how soft it was. “Are you finished with your song?”


 Pulling the blanket down Hyunseung reached for Junhyung’s hand, Hyunseung brought the hand towards his face embracing the coldness of it. “Take a break and come sleep with me.” Junhyung cupped the side of Hyunseung’s face, his thumb softly brushing the skin under the wide doe eyes. He felt guilty for neglecting the other the whole time he was working, Junhyung figured that Hyunseung must’ve been bored the whole time whilst he was solely focused working away in front of the monitors.

“You should be sleeping properly in a bed and not this sofa. I’m sorry, it must’ve been boring for you to just watch and listen to me work the whole time.”

Hyunseung rubbed his face in the palm of Junhyung’s hand, for a second he reminded him of a cat that used to hang out around his apartment. “It wasn’t boring. I love watching you work even though sometimes you get just a little too into it.”Junhyung sheepishly smiled “But really, it’s okay. I don’t really mind it at all just as long as I’m with you.”

“Wow, I didn’t know that you’re this cheesy when you’re half awake.”

“Shut up. Just come and sleep with me.”

Junhyung gasped. “In the studio? I didn’t know you were into that kind of-”

“Yong Junhyung. I will break up with you.”

Junhyung laughed at Hyunseung’s flustered face; it was always a sight to see after he gets embarrassed. “Okay fine, I’ll take a quick nap, move over a bit.”

The eldest happily shuffled back to make room, Junhyung made himself comfortable next to Hyunseung. His right arm rested across Hyunseung’s waist pulling the other just a little closer to him. On the other hand Hyunseung held onto the end of Junhyung’s shirt mindlessly rolling the soft fabric between his finger tips.

“Your eye bags have been getting darker lately.”

“They have?”

Hyunseung nodded, “Try not to do all nighters so much, it’ll take a huge toll on your health sooner than you think.”

“I’ll try not to. But even if I do fall sick you’ll help me get better again so that’s okay.”

“You think I’d really do that.”

Junhyung pouted whilst Hyunseung laughed at the sad excuse of a puppy face that his boyfriend was making. He leaned a little closer to press his lips against Junhyung’s before settling back. Under the slowly rising sun the duo quietly talked face to face on whatever came to their minds, Junhyung mostly let Hyunseung do the talking as he listened a long too. He watched Hyunseung talk about a nature documentary he watched on Netflix last night, Hyunseung mentioned something about hummingbirds being able to flap its wings up to seventy times per second (“I once watched a time lapse of a hummingbird building a nest and they used all sorts of things like spider silk, feathers, cotton fibres and such it’s fascinating – I’ll show you the video later. And don’t judge me the video was recommended to me by YouTube okay.)

The next time Hyunseung woke up, Junhyung was sitting across him texting on his phone. “Sleeping beauty is finally awake huh?”

Groggily sitting up Hyunseung looked at the clock across the room; it was almost four o’ clock. “It’s four already?” Junhyung tucked his phone into his back pocket, the studio looked brighter and cleaner. Junhyung must’ve woken up earlier to finish off the rest of his track before cleaning the whole place, their leftover food and containers were nowhere to be seen.

“Yeah, I woke up a little over two hours ago and finally got everything completed.”

The eldest nodded before laying back down into the sofa, he was still exhausted from falling asleep so late. Junhyung gathered his and Hyunseungs things placing them onto the low table next to him.

“Seung, don’t fall back asleep. It’s time to go home.”

Junhyung tugged the blue blanket away folding it neatly whilst Hyunseung whined at Junhyung for being mean to him. “Let’s go seungie; I’ll buy you chicken for dinner.”

Hyunseung peaked up from the pillow where he was currently hiding his face in. “I want roast duck instead.”

“I’ll buy you roast duck then.”

After being convinced Junhyung helped Hyunseung put his jacket on since he was still a little sleepy, once Junhyung checked multiple times that everything was locked and turned off they both finally left the building stepping out into the open fresh air. Junhyung sneakily took Hyunseungs hand into his own before kissing Hyunseung’s temple. “Did you have a good sleep?”

Hyunseung hummed squeezing his and Junhyung’s hand. “It was sort of weird.”

“How was it weird?”

“Well, everything was normal except for the fact I kept coughing up flower petals – it was called a hanahaki disease I think? Some kind of unrequited love thing and I had it really bad.”

Junhyung didn’t think anything of it too much. “That sounds…unusual. However I’m sure it’s nothing too serious, it’s just a dream after all.”

He fell silent for a second. And from Junhyung’s peripheral sight he could basically see the cranks in Hyunseung’s head turning. “Okay, I’ve got a theory.”

“Oh here we go.”

Hyunseung purposely budged into Junhyung’s side for that remark. “What if, the dream I had was something that actually happened except it was coming from another version of me.”

This time Junhyung fell silent. “Another version of you? What do you mean by that?”

“Well, you know, there’s a chance that somewhere out there parallel universes exist. So for example, everything right now will be the same but in the parallel universe there’s always a slight change. And in that dream I had with the unrequited love thing came from the alternate universe me, therefore what had happened to him somehow became what I dreamt.”

“Well that’s…” Junhyung stopped walking; Hyunseung paused to watch Junhyung’s eyebrows scrunch up. “I don’t know enough about parallel universes to believe what you said but, perhaps, it’s possible?”

Hyunseung smiled in victory, he’d always tell Junhyung all his weird theories and majority of them either get disregarded completely or Junhyung would try his best to understand it. Even when he finds them ridiculous sometimes.

“By the way, who’s the other guy you had unrequited love for?” He asked either way even though he knew it was him.

“It was Seunghyun.”

Junhyung choked on his own saliva. “Seunghyun?!”

The serious façade Hyunseung had on fell as he laughed at Junhyung’s stunned face. “I’m joking! It wasn’t Seunghyun, it’s you of course.”

The rapper scoffed pretending to be irritated at the answer. “It better be. But how did the dream end?”

“We both came to our senses and eventually fell in love.”

“That definitely sounds just like us.”

Hyunseung said nothing before leaning closer to Junhyung’s side, the dream he had felt somehow oddly real to him. Hopefully it meant nothing too much. The duo turned left after the next corner of their path, the walk from the studio to the apartment was roughly twenty five minutes by foot. Neither of them was in a rush despite feeling drained.

“That reminds me, I got the chance to review and edit a few bits of the song I was working on before, do you want to hear a preview of it?”

“Of course I do.”

Junhyung released Hyunseungs hand for a second to look for his ear buds somewhere in his jacket, slipping his phone out Junhyung quickly plugged his ear buds in before offering the left ear bud to Hyunseung. Bringing up the song he waited for Hyunseung to get ready before playing the track.

Once the ear bud was in, Junhyung pressed play nervously watching Hyunseung’s reaction. He could only hope that all the do over’s and mini break downs brought his song to justice. Junhyung anxiously waited for Hyunseungs opinion for what felt like he’d waited on for hours, even though he’d known the other for so long it was still difficult to know what Hyunseung was thinking about. Just when he thought he knew everything about Hyunseung, the eldest continued to prove him wrong as he learned more about the other. He truly was a gift that never stops giving. Hyunseung paused the song; looking straight at Junhyung he gave his answer. “I love it.”

“You do?” The ends of his lips twitched, “Do you genuinely love it, or are you just saying that.”

A high pitched giggle spilled from Hyunseung’s lips. “I really do love it Junnie, and I’m not just saying that. I can tell you’ve truly poured everything into this and that’s what makes me love it even more.”

Hyunseung leaned up to kiss Junhyung’s lips whilst the other remained speechless for a second. When the rapper came back to his senses he smiled at the sweet action before returning the favour, Junhyung took the right ear bud placing it in his ear. He resumed the song again taking Hyunseungs hand in his own back again, throughout their walk there were no words exchanged under the comfortable atmosphere.

Honestly Junhyung knew well that he shouldn’t relay much on other people’s opinions when it comes to his music, however, there’ll always be that one exception and that’s Hyunseung. Because Hyunseung will always be just as important to him as music was, perhaps even more than music.

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