I Am My Father's Daughter

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   In Seoul gangs run rampant in the underground society, and the city's most notorious gang leader, Poseidon, is dead. Knowing how and why Kwon Yejin flees from 3.6.5, Poseidon's gang, to find help in the leader of the Circle --an organization that acted as a contract hub for the city's gangs-- with only a gun and a piece of paper to prove her worth to its leader, Xiumin.

   Yejin grew up around 3.6.5 with her best friend, Tao, who worked at the 7Seas casino, so they knew how that world worked and how important and critical deals were. The whole criminal enterprise ran on the unspoken agreement of 'Always follow through on a deal', and that was what Yejin was banking on when she met Xiumin, but if it didn't she was going to have to hope her collection of underground secrets would be sufficient to get him to sign a contract with her to eliminate Poseidon's right hand man, Neptune. A.K.A.. Suho.

Deals, connections, pasts and secrets twisted and warped Yejin's future as her only wish to have Suho dead --and him wanting her dead just as well-- became a battle of who can manipulate the cops better and gain control over the empire Poseidon had carefully constructed over decades of hard work. She put her trust in Xiumin, who had great respect for the man, and soon learned that the girl he made a deal with was not as simple or innocent as first impressions made her seem.


This story will follow mostly EXO's Xiumin and my OC Yejin, but the others will definitely make appearances along with some other Kpop stars.

I'm not going to rate this story M, but there may be a few chapters that will get rated such for violent scenes, or excessive language. Though do keep in mind that this isn't going to be a fluffy story, so language may get fowl throughout the story, and I will fix the rating if need be, as of now I don't think it's necessary.

I think that's it. I've never really written a foreword before.



100 subs! Thank you guys so much for reading and following. It means a lot, especially with this being the first story I ever published to AFF :)

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Chapter 43: Oh gosh ㅠㅠ another great story from a wonderful author!!! Thanks for the adventure and I can't wait for the sequel!!!
12 streak #2
Chapter 43: I totally enjoyed it! It's so sad that they have to give up their child, but but.. Until the sequel then, thank you for this amazing story!
12 streak #3
Chapter 38: Oh my god, Baekhyun is so cute xD
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Chapter 35: I feel like Xiumin is a ticking time bomb lol, the last few chapters are intense >< I'm curious about Dragon (I strongly believe he's Kris lol), he's a creep
12 streak #5
Chapter 32: I'm so anxious about Yejin plan, the author note doesn't help me either lol. I think I change my mind, Yixing and Gem relationship is more interesting haha, and I wonder how Baekhyun will take the news about his sister and Tao (Baekhyun is a really good intel btw though he isn't a good cop, well what's a good cop even means lol and what a surprise to know that DO is a married man o.O)
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I just read this till chapter 25, and asdfghjkl it's so so good TT I really love Yejin character, and her interaction with Xiumin is so interesting >.<
Chapter 43: Omg! You cant do this to me! This is so sad! I know being in this line of work has a line BUT LEAVING YOUR CHILD IN SOMEONE ELSE'S ARMS! I cant do this! This is so sad!! Jsnsjnwwkmzks ㅠㅠ Haiss... But thanks for this story. I came across this stpry because I waz bored and didnt know what to read. It was in my list for ages and finally I got to read it. But dayum! I hate the ending... I cant... I have this strong mother feeling that I NEED to keep my child with me even tho my child will be in danger. She IS my child. I dont want her to hate me when she grows up knowing I left her with someone else. But what to do? Minseok and Yejin IS working in a place that need BIG protection.... I cant wait if there is a sequel!
jhkerjhkrwaakq i skipped sleep and finished this fic in one go. i loved this, i love how it's so detailed and there are no plotholes at all, how the story doesn't drag too long and how mundane some part of the fics are ;______; this fic srsly needs to be more widely recognized!!!!!!!!

any way, i had a blast reading this--i love yejin and minseok's story, how they had a backstory to explain why it wasn't ridiculous that it was so easy for them to fall in love, i love everyone except jongin that poor boy LMAO. keep up your good work!
Chapter 43: I... don't know what to say...
So, until the sequel (and your other stories). I'll be looking forward ^^
P.S.: Sorry about the comment spam, lol
Chapter 42: I just. I can't believe this. This is the biggest cliffhanger I have ever read. I can't believe you're doing this to Yejin and Minseok...