The Definition of 'Ship'


Since Taehyung could last remember, the definition of ship was described as “a vessel larger than a boat for transporting people or goods by sea”. As a verb, it can also be defined as “to transport goods or people on a ship”.


That was the definition he was used to—and he was pretty confident about that definition— until yesterday.


Now what is the real meaning of the word 'ship'?


Author's Note: I'm still not exactly too sure of the difference between description and foreword because mine sound pretty much the same. (lol) I also still have no artistic abilities, so I'll probably google off a pretty photo of the two members and post it later. :-)


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ahhh i love this!! it's sooo cute <3 thanks for sharing your work with us!
shsszn #2
Love thissss♡ I love the dork yet slow Taebbang HAHAHA. "I don't even like sailing" I CANT
Chapter 1: "I don't even like sailing" oh mY GOD
KimHyeJoo #4
Chapter 1: Protective taehyung is cute haha
Chapter 1: My J.Woo ♡ this is sooooo cute.
Chapter 1: Taehyung is just adorable! ><
who123 #7
Well look what we have here, currently my fave Jiwoo Jseph fic. I hope you could write more
Chapter 1: Its so cute. Too cute. I ship all of them together hahahahaha that dang outburst in the cafeteria though. Loved it !!
Rereading this (cause it's dang cute) and remembered to answer yiur question on the diff b/w description and forward. Just like dramas, description is the synopsis while forward is the teasers/trailers.
Nadyangela #10
Chapter 1: aww so cute xD