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I've actually written a TON more SHINee fics on
tumblr than I've posted here on AFF, so if you want more from me
you can check them out here:

If you just so happen to also be into EXO fics,
fear not because I've been writing about them since 2012!
You can check out the fics I've written about them here:

prinxing@tumblr | prinxing@AFF

Last but not least, if you wanna cry about K-POP together,
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About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Rani! It's pronounced "RAA-nee." It means princess in Hindi/Urdu and isn't my real name, but don't worry about that.

I fell in love with K-pop summer of 2011 and it all exploded from there. For over a year BIGBANG was the only K-group I listened to, and although some other K-pop songs flung my way every now and then, 2NE1 and BIGBANG were the limit of my interest scope (arguably f(x), too). It was on Tumblr where I was exposed to SHINee's Onew. Every post I saw praised him and his lovable-ness, so I decided to Wiki-search SHINee. It my inevitable fate to fall hopelessly in love with him, and it wasn't hard for him to become my ultimate bias, with Taemin quickly evolving into my second ultimate bias. Like almost everyone else, in 2013 I also fell headfirst into EXO. My biases are Lay and Baekhyun, and I love them both to hell and back as I do with the other members and I'm still OT12 trash, thanks for asking.

I like many other K-groups as well, but as of now, my focal interests are SHINee and EXO, the only two groups I actively try to get to know and listen to all their music. I listen to almost all K-groups, boys or girls, and some K-HH and K-Indie. I know this is supposed to be an about me, but for the past year-and-a-half these lovely idols have all but taken over my life, so... it is me one way or another lol. More specifically, I live in Texas and am a whopping 5'0''. I am 20 years old, Pakistani American, a semi-practicing muslim, and panual. I had an anime/manga phase since elementary school that withered in college due to Tumblr and K-POP, so the only anime/manga I keep up with now is One Piece (but admittedly I've fallen behind on the last two arcs). If you want to know anything more about me, please, don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for reading!