There are two types of people – the Good and the Bad. Jane Beck was a Good girl. Baek Jaehyun was the weapon-savvy Bad girl she was forced to become during the Rebellion. Under the protection of the ‘gang’ that laughably calls itself ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts,’ is there any chance that, in the midst of crisis, she might find peace, or even love?


In the world of Duelle, there are two types of people – the Good and the Bad. Jane Beck is one of the Good. Even though her family is considered lower-class amongst the larger Good society, they are privileged and, naturally, considered leagues above the Bad. The Bad are the gangsters, the scoundrels, the thieves, the drug-dealers and human-traffickers, the murders and rapists. They comprise the majority of the human population, but in the eyes of the Good, they are worse than animals, and are treated as such. Really, it is surprising that an uprising did not happen sooner. Someone needed to show the ignorant that the world was not a duality of black and white.


You/OC - Jane Beck

  • Comes from a lower-class Good family
  • An obedient and naïve girl who tries to listen to her parents
  • Feels uncomfortable about a lot of things in her society, but society raised her to be too timid to speak up
  • Soft-hearted and easily moved by the suffering of others, but taught that a proper lady stands back quietly and lets the gentlemen of Good society take action

You/OC - Baek Jaehyun

  • The identity created for Jane by BTS to protect her
  • Even though Jane is the oldest of the maknae line, Jaehyun looks younger than everyone because of her height and face, so she pretends to be the maknae and calls everyone 'hyung' in public

The Bulletproof Boy Scouts

Kim Seokjin

  • Three years older than Jane
  • Generally quiet but can be playful and carefree
  • Acts young but holds the eldest’s confident power
  • Don’t mess with this mama bear

Min Yoongi

  • Two years older than Jane
  • Opinionated and independent
  • Doesn’t care too much what others say
  • Does what he likes and nothing else, has a vast variety of knowledge because of it

Jung Hoseok

  • A year and a half older than Jane
  • Optimistic, friendly, expressive
  • Noise-maker, mood-maker
  • Energetic, caring nagger

Kim Namjoon

  • Half a year older than Jane
  • Extremely intelligent, introspective
  • Very observant and caring
  • Looks tough but likes cute things, worries a lot

Park Jimin - 17

  • Half a year younger than Jane
  • Very self-conscious
  • Generally an angel (a very cute, gentle puppy-angel)
  • Can’t say no because he’s too kind, but not too timid

Kim Taehyung 

  • A year younger than Jane
  • Naïve and carefree
  • Hyperactive and bubbly
  • Cheerful and noisy

Jeon Jungkook

  • Two years younger than Jane
  • Playful and talkative with friends, shy with strangers
  • Reserved outwardly, carefree inwardly
  • Bad at expressing himself and saying no

This story is a work of fiction.  Any correlation to the lives of real life people is completely unintentional.  Any similarities between this story and stories existing before May 24, 2017 are completely unintentional.  If blatant similarities implying the copying of this story are found in stories existing after May 24, 2017 please report the offending story to the proper authorities, as well as to me.  I do not own anything associated with BTS except for this storyline, its events, and its original characters.  BTS and Big Hit Entertainment are in no way associated with this story.


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Chapter 3: I think you have a really interesting, ambitious concept going on. I'm curious about a few things - is this a futuristic world or just an alternate world? Also, is there some kind of apocalypse-esque thing coming up? I vote Suga/Jane because I think they're conflicting personalities, lives, histories and world-views would make for a really interesting relationship, but they also have enough shared values to truly love each other. Looking forward to a new chapter!