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Hello, my name is iwasdraggedinto this, but you can call me "Rocky."  I was dragged into K-Pop by my little sister.  Did I resist at first?  Yes.  Do I have any regrets now?  No way!

I am currently an academically-focused person with no particular specialty, though I enjoy the STEM fields (biology and computer science are cool) the fine arts (drawing, painting, some animating), and the performing arts (dancing, though I can sing and play the piano too).  English is my first language, so I am willing to proofread for anyone who asks.

My preferred genres are fantasy/supernatural, action, and adventure.  Of those, I am best at writing the first.  I think can manage writing decent comedy and light romance.  However, I feel like I am not great at writing deep or passionate romance, angst, or horror.

I am currently working on my story "No More Goodbyes," which focuses on you (Vera Rossi/Sim Jeonghye) and BIG BANG as they attempt to find you and restore your memories so that you all together can end the cycle of tragedy and reincarnation in which you are trapped.  If I manage to finish it, I would love to have my good friend rothfyae of DeviantArt make me illustrations for each of the chapters.

Once "No More Goodbyes" is finishes, I will probably start planning a story which focuses on you and the lovable aliens B.A.P.  As of right now, all I know about it is that the "you" character will have a much stronger personality than Vera/Jeonghye has.  I also might work on a story centering around f(x) and a story which works deeper into B.A.P's music video for One Shot.

15-06-24: Ah, forget it.  I have to admit that I've got plot ideas for a B.A.P and you story already, as well as a story that focuses on their 1004 music video.  I'm also developing a VIXX Voodoo Doll story as well, distracting myself with a parody of fairytales feature various idols, and I'm toying with the idea of a magical girl story featuring f(x).  Of course, this is all in addition to No More Goodbyes, which I've been working on, but not in the correct order.  Sorry, guys!  That's why it's taking so long for me to update it!  Anyway, I'll give you a little bit about the stories.  The B.A.P/you story actually has two yous that you can identify with - one's boyish and tough, and the other's feminine and quick-witted.  B.A.P stars as aliens who were sent to find a new planet for their people to settle on.  They have a rough landing on Earth and end up being helped by both yous.  The 1004 story focuses on B.A.P, who were the brothers and friends of a girl who passed away, as they struggle to cope with the horrible loss.  The VIXX story features you, a young girl who switches between two worlds every time she goes to sleep.  On Earth, she's a freak with two personalities, and in the other world, she's the apprentice of a witch with six servants that she locks in the basement.  Finally, the f(x) story will feature f(x) + Ailee and Jessica (SNDS) as the magical girls of the rainbow!  Chances are I'll put them up against EXO.  Anyway, that's all for now!

15-08-11:  Okay, so most of the above still applies.  The VIXX story is kind of a mess in terms of planning, so don't expect it any time soon.  No More Goodbyes is a work in process, I promise!  It's just that B.A.P is officially back in business (even if it's with TS), so I can't get them out of my head.  That's my excuse for neglecting NMG.  I'm sorry!  Anyway, The f(x) story is still on, and even with the recent news of Sulli leaving to pursue acting, she'll still feature.  However, the story is still majorly in the works, so don't expect this one any time soon either. Also, I've been working on reworking classic fairytales by sticking K-pop idols in and twisting the stories around!  Hopefully I'll finish the first one and post it up soon.  And now I'm thinking about an EXO story featuring two main girls (OCs) and all twelve members.  I've been inspired a bit by Fushigi Yugi for it, but I promise that I will do my best to make this story unique among the many wonder EXO stories there are out there.  Finally, I'm thinking about a Block-B story that may or may not feature a girl.  It will either be in a Nilili Mambo AU or a Jackpot AU; I'm not sure which yet.  And that's all for now!  I'm heading off to college soon (yes, I'm that old), so I have no idea what to expect.  It's so exciting!  Anyway, I'll do my best to keep writing for everyone who bothers to check out my humble work.  Best of luck to all of you who think that summer was way too short, like me!

15-12-23:  Wow, first semester went really fast!  But you probably don't care about my personal life, so here are some updated info regarding my ideas.  No More Goodbyes has finally been updated!  The B.A.P aliens story is still in progress, and so is the 1004 story.  The VIXX story, EXO story, Block  story, the magical rainbow girl story with f(x) ft. Ailee and Jessica have all moved to the bottom of my list, as I've started a new story inspired by Akastuki no Yona that should include elements of all of them.  This one will feature you (with the appearance of Ailee) after you get stuck in her body when you're thrown from this world into hers, and it'll be my first experiment with second person point of view.  There will definitely be f(x)'s Amber, Block B's Zico, B.A.P's Yongguk, and VIXX's Leo, plus more!  I'll try not to post this one until I'm decently through NMG, but you may see random fairytales rewritten and featuring your favorite idols...

16-10-10: Well, it's been a while.  College takes up a lot of my time, as do my original stories and other fanfictions.  But here's my progress report:  No More Goodbyes is still in the works.  The VIXX story has been revamped and is slowly being developed due to the fact that I'm dancing to Voodoo Doll this year (I don't get to stab anyone, but I get to be Hongbin and carry around the stick a lot!).  Everything else is on the backburner since I was an idiot and signed up for three science courses that all have labs.