Say You Love Me


BM and J.Seph were dating for months now. Everything was going pretty well within them, however after all of that time Taehyung wasn’t able to tell Matthew how he felt about him even if he was pretty sure that was he was feeling was love.


Or, where BM has said that he loved J.Seph five times plus a time when J.Seph wasn't able to keep those words to himself anymore.


I had this on my sheets of prompts and ideas for a while by now. So I decide to give it a shot.

Hope you enjoy this fluff and love filled one shot!

[Everything is narrated by Taehyung]


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Chapter 1: This was sweet <3
Chapter 1: I just ... cringed at "princess", I mean he's a guy and seems comfortable with his gender. Being gay doesnt turn you to a girl. #justsaying
It was cute a s I so ship B.seph. ♥