Let me love you till you love yourself

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(Under Editing)

She didn't mean for that to happen. It was all an accident.

They would understand, right? They should understand.

They should know she meant no harm.

Nightmares of that day replay in Haneul’s head, over and over again. She remembers exactly how it felt. The feeling of losing all control over herself, of her power destroying her from the inside out. She knew that she should have said something. If she had, many things could have been avoided, but she didn't, and know they're all gone.


She was as deadly as she was beautiful, but he looked past that and loved her beyond measure.

Where Haneul is a vampire and Chanyeol the helpless human that fell in love with her



"Just get away from me!! You have no idea how much damage I could do to you... I don't want to hurt you!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, but he didn't move, he stayed.

"I'm not leaving you." He said in a calm manner. "I'm going to love you until you love yourself"






Hey, there guys I'm coming out with my first story yay!!!!  

So, I'm the Author but my friend is going to help me co-author it. We've been planning for a bit now and we're excited to see how this turns out. 

The updates are going to come at least once a week, we're a bit busy so we'll try to keep them constant.

We do own this story, everything in here came directly from our imagination and we will take action if it is plagiarized. The only thing we don't own is the characters, but I believe that that is pretty obvious.


Let me love you till you love yourself © by Marlene Uscanga

Hello everyone! I've been gone for a really long time... sorry about that. I'm gonna be jumping back in and do some editing, I reread the story and it could use it. SO if you see updates it will most likely be me going back in and fixing some things.


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Chapter 18: Oh boy. That POV did not sound pretty. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens between Chanyeol and Haneul! Seriously, this story has established some really nice dynamics what with the romance aspect as well as Baekhyun and the rest of Exo. I'm enjoying reading it all.
Chapter 19: He worked really hard and gained our Respect and love for him... He will always be there in our heart... I hope he is in a good place and have a Beautiful journey ahead in the heaven... Rest in peace our ANGEL.
Chapter 9: hehe Chanyeol, feeling hot all of sudden huh? maybe feeling nervous because Haneul sit beside you or you're thinking things with Haneul in your mind?

and duhh, i really hate when boys gang up on weak people. such a bully...luckily Jongie came on the right time....
Chapter 6: what the....??!
omg..is that why they behave that way?
lol...u think too fast big bro....your sis just adjusting to a new world, new environment, new people and new man...*wink*
but if you wait for the right time, then maybe it'll be too late...
Chapter 3: phew....she was hibernating for 300 years...omg...her bones should be creaking by now..lol
but i do agree about too much burden especially when you feel exhausted from the inside, u'll feel like sleeping...just take a rest and hibernate for as long as you could.

and wow, i just asked about her twin yesterday and got the answer in the very next chapter
Chapter 1: just read through the plot.
i was wondering if her power is fire?
everything around her become ashes....
does that include her twin brother and the demons?
omg, does that means she accidentally killed her twin?
the plot sounds interesting to me...
i'll give this a try.
Chapter 14: Suuuuper cute! I'm enjoying the chemistry between Chanyeol and Haneul a lot, and grandma in this chapter was the most adorable! I absolutely love the way she reacted to him going out, haha, it was both sweet and hilarious at the same time. Nice work! I'm enjoying this story and I can't wait to see what happens next.
Chapter 13: Ah, things are picking up nicely. I'm really liking the direction this story is going in so far, and all the best with updates!