How Life Changes

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Seulgi was just your avrage girl. She went to school, had a job, and did many other boring things. However, all tht changed when she met Him. That's when her life became a hundred times more exiting. 

This isn't your average good girl bad boy story. It's more of a you thought story, where the roles are not what you would expect them to be.



"Would you like to go on and go for a ride?" He asked clearly trying too hard to look the part.

"Do you even know how to ride the thing?" Seulgi asked, not amused by his behavior.

He visibly droppr]ed his shoulders and stuttered looking for an answer.

"Move aside, I'll drive." 

The guy moved to the back side of the motorcycle and Seulgi got on the front.

"Hang on tight, cause I like going fast" 










Well hello, beautiful people and welcome to my second attempt at writing fanfiction. 

I'm not sure as to where this story will go but that makes it even more fun. I can figure it out on the way.

SO, I have no idea as to when I'll post here but... keep a look out!



How Life Changes  © by Marlene Uscanga


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