You're My Number 1

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A tall guy with a pair of bright gorgeous eyes & a megawatt smile entered and caused some commotion with the girls on his way in. She couldn't help but felt her heart skip a beat whenever he was near. Although he tried to keep a low profile but his physical appearance & outstanding talents in dance & music have always shined through the campus. It's no wonder he has so many admirers. He's none other than...


This is an EXO OT12 fanfic, featuring EXO members during the Growl era. 

This is my first EXO fanfic that I had started in Apr 2017. Some brief character introduction of some of the main characters are mentioned below. Hope it contain your biases and interest you enough to subscribe :) 

The reason why it has so many chapters is because I tried to involve all 12 members in the story. Therefore, unlike other shorter EXO fanfics that focused on a handful of members, there are quite a lot of characters and multiple lovelines in this fanfic. 

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Loveline #1

Go Ae Jung (高爱晶) has been admiring Park Chanyeol (朴灿烈) for the longest time. Actually he also has mutual feelings for her but prefers to let nature take it's course. Both of them are introverts and nobody dares to take the first moves. 

Meanwhile, Ae Jung had reunited with her old neighbour, Kris Wu Yifan (吴亦凡) who also happens to be her seonbae at their uni. Both of them grew up together as childhood playmates but had lost contact when Kris migrated to Canada after primary school. After hanging out together often, Kris felt that Ae Jung was really his ideal type...

Loveline #2 (and #3?)

Kang Che Rin (江彩琳) was impressed with Kai Kim Jong-in (金钟仁) the instant she saw him danced. After getting to know each other, they went on a few dates and really enjoyed each others' company a lot. At the same time, Che Rin also enjoyed chatting online with Oh Sehun (吴世勋) every night even though they have not met before. But they felt as though they click pretty well with each other. Something magical happened when they finally met up with each other... 

Jang Yumi (张宥美) used to have a mega crush on Sehun but she knew that Sehun will never take fancy of her hence, she asked Sehun to be her god-brother instead so that she could still be by his side as a god-sister. Later, she gotten to know Kai and tried to pick up dancing from him to please Sehun...


 Other EXO Members/Characters

Baekhyun is Chanyeol's best pal at school. They hangout together and were often in the same project group as Ae Jung & Che Rin. He always tease Chanyeol and encouragef him to pluck up his courage to approach Ae Jung.

Xiumin is Che Rin's cousin who's also Kai's high school classmate. Xiumin was the one who introduced Che Rin & Kai together. 

Luhan is Sehun's roommate in the dormitory and they're both as close as brothers. He's often amused by Sehun's antics.

Kai's dancemates at the dance studio/academy includes Suho, D.O & Lay.  

Sehun & Luhan dance mates includes Tao & Chen. Chen has a little crush on Yumi.

I am finally back again for more chapters to come! Finally got a new laptop after my previous one of many many years (almost a decade) have finally spoilt!
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