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Bachelors' paradise
find true love in this bizarre jungle they call real life on tv.
Bachelor's Paradise is a famous Korean TV show in which 7 males are the Bachelors to 21 contestants who all fight for the hearts of the young men. But is love really that easy? No, it's not. Among the Bachelors there are Hidden Cards, also known as the hidden billionaires. Only those are in the show to find real love while the others are just there to help them find out who of the girls are fake and only participate for money or fame. Who of the female contestants will manage to win the heart of one of the boys? What will be the challenges the boys will come up with for them? 
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lee jooheon

The DJ that can be seen on every important party in Seoul is the son of the owners of a big luxus hotel chain. Nevertheless, this bachelor is infamous for his exorbitant lifestyle, comparable to Paris Hilton in her wild years. His favorite past-time activities are constant nagging and cracking lewd jokes covered by an unhealthy amount of aegyo. You think he's tough? Wait until you see him being a real weenie.

Why people think he's no hidden card: It's known that his parents abandoned him after several scandals, so nobody really believes that Jooheon has enough money to even live decently anymore. 
lim changkyun 
club promoter

Known by everyone in the Seoul Nightlife Scene, Changkyun can be found everywhere and nowhere in the big city. You saw him in Gangnam an hour ago? He probably is out now to raid Itaewon. Oh what, you saw him in Itaewon 10 minutes ago? Then he's probably off to Hongdae already. Yes, this bachelor is all about the fun in life. Also, he doesn't care about keeping a certain image in front of the cameras. He is who he is after all.

Why people think he's no hidden card: Even though there are multiple rumours about him owning a ton of clubs like Octagon or Club Answer, most people still think that he's just working for the clubs and enjoys his life as a club promoter.

chae hyungwon
Owner of a travel agency

As he inherited the travel agency of his parents, it's pretty obvious that this guy has money. But how much? And even if he has a lot... is he a hidden card or not? Most people never heard of this fellow. A little reserved at first, this bachelor can be a real romantic charmer and he's furthermore famous for his many meme-worthy facial expressions.

Why people think he's no hidden card: An unknown face. Not a lot more needed. Plus, people are very cautious in what they should believe after the first season of Bachelors' Paradise.

son hyunwoo
professional swimmer

Hyunwoo is a known face in the sports world. He's a member of the Korean National swimming team and already won a few prizes internationally. He's pretty popular among females, yet always remained single and never dated openly. 

Why people think he's no hidden card: Nobody knows why he never dated. Maybe he did but nobody ever noticed. Maybe he's married to his passion, swimming. But can it be that there's more behind this? Why is he so awkward around females?

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Title Bachelors' Paradise -  Monsta X Ver.
Author Jey-chan
Genre applyfic, interactive, survival show, drama, romance, partly crack and comedy
Characters Monsta X, #Gun, your characters and some Easter Eggs that'll wait for you to find them
Chapters 10 Episodes + 10 BTS chapters
Disclaimer This story is completely fictional and I don't own any of the characters. Be aware that there might be swearing, fighting, and maybe some 19+ content (but no , don't worry) in this story. 
Deadline 26th December 2017
Story start Applications are officially opened, the story however will start when Bachelors' Paradise Season 1 is over.
lee minhyuk

Aspiring star actor Minhyuk is pretty famous in South Korea for acting in 2016 and 2017 most favorite dramas alongside high-class actors. This rookie sure thing already is on the top but like in the season before... can Minhyuk be compared to Jungkook? He's a lot more lively than Jungkook was, at least.  

Why people think he's no hidden card: Why would he ruin his career in a show like this? Is this for publicity?! After being confirmed as one of the bachelors Minhyuk gets hot topic No 1. But he wouldn't risk his career, would he? He can't! He's not even in the same position as Jungkook... right?!

shin hoseok
male model

Most people know Hoseok's face but not his name. As the face of underwear collections of Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Emporio Armani, this guy already made it big in the business. But nobody can find anything about his past... the question is just... what is it and is it so dark that it might harm his career?

Why people think he's no hidden card: Seriously... if someone is a bachelor, it's probably him, isn't it? But does he gain that much and also... what is it that he is trying to hide?

yoo kihyun

One might think Kihyun has it all. He used to work for Gordon Ramsey and is currently in the midst of opening his first restaurants in the States and Europe after his high-class restaurant in Seoul became a big success. But why would someone like him join a TV show like Bachelors' Paradise?
Anyway, people are most of the time startled, when Kihyun's bipolarity happens once again with the bachelor switching from the epitome of nice guy to Gordon Ramsay burning the world down with sarcasm and savagery.

Why people think he's no hidden card: After the first season of Bachelors' Paradise ended and it was revealed that one of the bachelors was married and had a child, most people believe that Kiyhun is just like that bachelor before.


failed rapper, now mc

#Gun, or better said Song Gunhee, failed bitterly when he tried to become a big fish in the Korean Hip Hop scene. Most of his jobs he gets thanks to Jooheon. Oh yeah. It's known that those two are best friends.

Hey everyone! Since I didn't get the minimum of apps (21) in to start my story, I'm giving you all the chance to apply until the 26th. Thanks to all of you who finished their apps before the deadline, I hope it's okay for you that I'm giving a few more weeks to those who didn't manage to finish yet.

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Aaaw thank you for liking my child Heebyul <333
Chapter 5: HI again!! Thank you for liking Baerim!! Yeah so... basically Baerim is the type who speak clearly when it comes to opinion but since she's in a national tv, she has to think twice before she speak and its true it pisses her off internally, so when she reach her limit, it probably will be kinda scary, she will be on serious sarcasm mode, not beat around the bush kind of sarcasm. Just one thing she will keep shut until the end is about her father's hospital.
212 streak #3
Chapter 5: Whew, I'm glad you like her!! ^^ I know a lot of people have been avoiding writing depressive stories and/or characters since Jonghyun's passing, so I definitely would have understood if you were also uncomfortable with potentially adding her to the cast. I'm glad to hear that you aren't opposed to delving into the topic, since I do think it's important, and I'm curious to see how you'll develop her if she's chosen!! :) I'm definitely very excited for this story and it'll be awesome to see what you have cooked up for this season!! :D
Chapter 5: Aaaahhhh I'm so relieved! I'm not used writing sassy queens, so I was worried, but I'm so happy you liked her :'3

About the faceclaim, I'm not against hidden triplets if Shay and Katti agree. lol (tho I guess that their backgrounds don't match?) I believe in you, if the three of them end chosen x3 You will find a way xD (and backups are there for a reason xD)

Again, thank you for the kind review!

P.S: I also thought about putting Seolhyun as a backup, just you know, if you need it :)
Chapter 5: Thank you for the review and happy new year too!! I'll add why she become wedding gown designer in my app's comment so you could find it easier!! Btw what's tha..... e.e three Yura omggggg it will be funny if they are sisters tho!!
Babytaeyong #6
Will read sounds interesting! ^^
Chapter 5: What's that?! There are hidden triplets?! XD
ARMY_Gurl #8
Chapter 4: Ah, on her dyslexia Yuji is the type who can read perfectly well but can't process instructions or situations until she experiences them herself. She's someone who would need to actually work through a challenge to figure out what exactly she's supposed to do for it. Apologies for not making that clear enough! I wanted to bring some attention to the fact that trouble reading isn't the only form dyslexia since very few people I meet realize that ^-^; She simply processes things in a very different way from others so explanations that should seem obvious go a bit over her head. Hopefully that explains that decently enough. And thank you again for the review and I'm pleased that Yuji seems to have come out well. Good luck with your remaining reviews and I do look forward to seeing this story in action.
Chapter 5: So glad you like Haru ! I was really having fun making her :)
So exited at how everything will work out in the end :D
ARMY_Gurl #10
Chapter 4: I'm happy to hear Eunjung's weaknesses will be explored should she somehow manage to get on/remain on the show! I fully agree that pushing characters out of their comfort zones and seeing how they respond to it both interesting for readers and enjoyable for authors ^_^ Overall I'm glad my first foray into this sort of character creation seems to have turned out relatively well.