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One mistake and her life took a completely different turn. One mistake and her past marred, her future haunted. Im YoonA and the long road she has to take to forgive herself.


YoonA freezes on her seat, not only because the shock of sudden stop. The man crossing the street reminds her of someone. The silver gray hair, the smile, the height, the clothes, all bring back old memory. She haven't met him for more than seven years, yet every detail of him resurface in her mind like they have just met a second ago.

Yes?” She looks back. Their eyes meet and she immediately looks away. There's a glimpse of hope in those eyes and she knows she will be the one who tear it apart.


Disclaimer :

  1. I'm not really good at writing in English. My apology for any grammar disaster ahead.

  2. Update will be scarce. Again, my apology if chapters don't come as soon as expected.

Enjoy ^_^

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YoonHaeChoding #1
Omg i love this so much!!! It's incredible! Will u write another Yoona x Changwook story?
valeir23 #2
Chapter 12: I subscribed this story from the bigining, but only starting to read yesterday. and the story is so good ,thriling, sad and sweet. i like it. thank U n sorry for just read it now.
noomin #3
Chapter 11: Love ittt
Sassyamy123 #4
Chapter 12: Ahhh I wanted more! This is too short for a yoonwook final moment :(((
But it's okay!
Thank you for completing the story!
axelacel #5
Chapter 12: Thank you for this story. Another yoonwook please
223 streak #6
Chapter 12: You surprised me by making Yoona cont her studies as a doctor. But i find it sweeet that she is still the helping hand of ChangWook when the restaurant run busy. I love that their relationship budding slowly. They only decide to settle down after 5 years. Meaning ChangWook give Yoona ample time to love him back. Thanks again authornim. Do write again about Yoona n ChangWook
soshisone27 #7
Chapter 12: Finally uri Yoong become a doctor, and help Seungri's mom.. So happy to hear that.

Yay.. YoonWook together~~~ i love how Yoong eonnie try to help her fiance at his restaurant on her free time, they sweet moment is enough to make Heechul oppa jealous.. ㅋㅋㅋ I love this chap and this story ^^
Thanks for wrote and completed it. 감사합니다
Wishing you a good life too ^^
Chapter 12: Finally a happy end <3 thank for this beautiul story. Hope u'll write another yoonwook's story :)
piyopiyo95 #9
Chapter 11: authornim, sorry but could you make the chapter longer than this..
i really like how the story goes. but i didn't feel satisfied enough if the chapter is short.
Its just my oppinion btw. take it or leave it ?
223 streak #10
Chapter 11: I hope Kai will regain conciousness. And I hope SeungRi's mother will be punished and be penniless. What an evil woman who had the heart to kil her own husband and SON.
By the way thanks for updating authornim.