My love story


Park Soo Young aka Lizzy is just an ordinary girl that goes to an all girls high school and works at a cafe as her part time job. One day a customer caught Lizzy's attention, Lizzy found herself interested in the customer. On the next day there was a new transfer student, it was the same person that caught Lizzy's attention at the cafe, her name was Im Jin Ah aka Nana.

This is all written in Lizzy's POV

will contian a tiny bit of JungHi and Joo-ie

Mir (MBLAQ) will start appering on chapter 9


This is my second Fanfic, this one is a LiNa fanfic.

English isn't my native language so sorry for some mistakes, especially grammar! Also i do not have a wide range of vocabulary so bare with me.

Hope you will enjoy and feel free to leave a comment ^.^

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This is a really sweet story. Even though I usually don't read yuri fics, I had to make an exception for this one cause it was so good.
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Chapter 16: i love everything about this fanfic.
wow! i love this story..this was really amazing. i love this couple so much. especially when nana act as the guy in the relationship. hope u can make another lina story if u have time or u have some interest of doing it. hopefully, yes...there's nothing much to say..all i could say this story was really great and awesome. :)
Wohu aftergerneration :D
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WOW It was the best LiNa FF I ever read *-* I loved your way of writing & the last chapter was amazing ;) hahaha I keep reading it again & again
I'm sad that it ended though I guess it was time lol
The ending does seem a bit rushed and all
I wish there was more LiNa FFs to read~ 8(
Thanks for your awesome story, I hope you'll continuing writing more LiNa
Fighting!! ~
thank you for commenting on my story since the start ;A;
I know I'm bombarding your comment section
I liked it. lol. No harm. I'll help you with your one-shots?
I have nothing else to do besides my 2 LiNa/JungHi fics and my own GG one-shots.
Oh, no problem
It's just that my ovaries are gone from this cuteness
@clipboard22 don't die, at least wait till i've completed this fic XD