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est. 2017
paperback chapter & story layouts 
PAPERBACK provides simple and monotonous chapter & story layouts that are mobile, night mode, and user friendly. My goal is to give you not distracting layouts that won't steal and spoil your readers' experience when reading. My source of inspiration is the experience you get when reading a paperback novel.

Most of our layouts use AFF's layout marketplace system, because as a writer and coder myself, it is soo much easier to set layouts per chapter with just one click. We personally find manual application to be time consuming and a hassle. And I believe this is much more manageable for users who are just here to write. (And Jae gets her token. She's greedy.)
Terms of use
1. Comment when using free layouts. No need to comment if you bought them on the marketplace. Upvotes are also appreciated.
2. Don't use as base code and claim it as yours. This is similar to plagiarizing. It is highly disrespectful.
3. Don't remove credits. Please respect a coder's work.
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Read update! We revamped
Fonts I use for body texts:
Serif fonts
Georgia— I find this font to be the most user-friendly in the reader’s eyes. It’s still easy to read even if it is italicized. This is why I use this font for the body the most. PaperBack's main font is georgia.

Palatino — this would be my personal favorite of the bunch because it looks elegant, but it’s almost painful in the eyes especially when too many texts are italicized, so I wouldn’t call this exactly user friendly.

Times New RomanClassic font. Don’t know much to say but this looks great especially if the spacing is done right. This also reminds me of my thesis. Jeez.
Sans Serif fonts
Source sans — this is AFF’s default font. I would say this the most user friendly and I understand why this is the default font for this site. It’s legible and kind to the eyes. 

CalibriThis one almost looks the same as source sans so they may have the same reason for being legible.

Arial — don’t get me wrong, I love arial. This is my go-to font when I design layouts. But that’s the thing, I think this font looks great for design but not the best choice for large volume of texts. But if you put it in font-size: 11px. You'll do just fine. (But I'm not sure if that's fine with your readers)
Sharing the final collab I had with vigour :')


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Chapter 23: I am using this one, hon <333
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Chapter 2: Using this one!
alurabae #6
Chapter 4: omg ill use this one
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Chapter 16: [ chapter layout ] Seoul Women's Academy isn't working. I bought it from the Layout Marketplace.
Chapter 10: The video doesn't appear :(
hi there, I am using weston for my fic! Thank you for the hard work