Tunnel Caprica

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It was a normal day for the convenience store worker Kang Seulgi when Irene—a wealthy looking lady—entered the store, only getting overdosed by drugs afterward. It was the encounter that would change Seulgi’s life. It was the encounter that would introduce her to a world that should have never existed in this already problematic world.



Tunnel Caprica

Pairings: Seulgi x Irene

Genre(s): Dark romance, , mystery, self-discovery, dark humor

AU(s): Convenience store worker!AU, filthy rich!AU, cyberpunk!au ish

Chapters: < 10? 


Tunnel Caprica connects two cities under the huge and long mountain ranges of the country Ioca [a-yo-ka], making it one of the longest road tunnels in the world with a distance of nearly 40 kilometers. However, people choose to drive the 3-hour long pass rather than driving through the tunnel; because driving through the tunnel can be claustrophobic—an hour drive with nothing but repeating images of the never ending tunnel. But the tunnel also hides the entrance to another world that Seulgi is yet to find out.



This story is rated mature. This story will mention and contain explicit ual content, heavy substance use, strong language, and odd activities which might not be for everyone. Please read at your discretion.



Hello! This story actually a remake of the old one but now with a change of characters hehe. Since I really like this plot, I didn’t want it to put it on waste. And this plot is really made for same . I’ll also add some cyberpunk elements since I’ve been craving to do it recently. I hope you enjoy reading this! Comment and upvote! Thank you <3 And feel free to use your own language to comment! 

Inspiration(s): "Eyes Wide Shut", "Love, Death + Robots"

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TUNNEL CAPRICA — Sorry for the pronoun typos! I tried updating it and i hope I catch them all. Let me know if there are still
PS: This was originally a fic so please bear with me huhu thank you <3


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soshi26_ot9 #1
Chapter 2: Re-reading 🫣
KangLj #2
Chapter 2: Hi I'm here again to remind our beloved jae to please comeback and update this already. I'm begging you uuggghhh. We are begging you author-nim!!
Chapter 2: update this wtf
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update please author nim 🥺❤
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Chapter 2: def looking forward to the updates
sagingnirene #6
Chapter 2: THIS IS SO GOOD!!!! I love the thrill and I almost thought I'm watching a movie or something because of every action that took place. I can visualize the events in my head because of how well-written this story is. You're so amazing wow. Can't wait to read more.
Will read this now 🔥
KangLj #9
Chapter 2: Ohmygod! That was goddamn INTENSE!!!!!!! I'm so loving it!!!!
Chapter 2: this was... marvelous. i love this this type of au and you write so well im in love with it already :p thank u for this