Black Rose: Shadow of The Eclipse


You know who he is. He doesn't know who you are. No one supposed to know who you are. But both of you are destined for each other, just not in this lifetime. First kiss after 2000 years only to be your last, too.

The price of freedom is your life.


-Hi! This is my first time writing in AFF. I'm certainly writing this one shot on impulse due to a breakdown. Thus, I apologize in advance for all the flaws throughout the story. I do hope someone out there would find this story enjoyable. Thank you! ^_^




"You're falling for the human boy."

"your love for him will kill you, Rose."

"I know, Mekera."



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Hihihihijijo_143 #1
Chapter 2: That was......heartbreaking.......sequel pls?