Kiss me (Final)

Black Rose: Shadow of The Eclipse

Dangling her bare legs from the roof, she stared into the moon. Her head swayed softly to the melody booming from the stadium at the end of the town. His voice, singing to “Just One Day” made her stood on her nimble feet and started dancing.

“You are falling for the human boy,” a deep voice cutting through her peaceful silence. Yet, she kept dancing, ignoring the presence that materialized slowly from the shadow. A man in black cloak from head to toe approached the dancing night fairy before softly reaching for her dainty hands and started dancing with her, gracefully. She smiled at him and in no time the two supernatural beings were now dancing in the air.

“Your love for him will kill you, Rose.”

She just kept quiet as both of them swayed lightly to the music that still lingered in the night air. Blue crystal droplets started falling down her translucent cheeks. The other one tighten his hold on her as the dancing couple slowly descended the air. Still holding the cloaked man, Rose sobbed in their embrace. Suddenly, faster than blink of eyes, her blue black wings created a barricade around them as red lights exploded. In a flash, the night fairy was ripping out hearts of the two hunters from the Forbidden Forest of the underworld.

“You’re such a good dancer, Mekera, I’m almost distracted,” Rose said nonchalantly as she blew the remnants of her victims into blue crystal dusts with the wave of her hands.

The cloaked man smirked at her remark. She now sat on the edge of the roof again but this time facing the stadium. Even at this distance, she could see his smile and on her own ruby red lips, a small smile formed. Mekera frowned. He stood silently behind the being in front of him, the first and only friend he had since his creation 5000 years ago. His eyes followed her gaze. No wonder Rose was smitten. The human boy was beautiful with such a lovely voice. But the fairy must have known she could never be with the human boy.

“You’ll die, Rose. The eclipse is tonight,” his voice was small.

She spread her wings and with few soft flaps, she was floating on the air. She smiled sadly to the greyish moon before turning to her “big brother”. A blue crystal droplet ran down her face. She took his hands and held them tightly. This would be their last meeting and she was in misery. Misery… the essence of existence of the cloaked man in front of her right now. But she more than knew, the personification of misery starring at her right now was slowly dying in his own existence.

“I know.”

“Then, be happy. After 2000 years, you deserve that,” Mekera whispered as he hugged the night fairy before walking away and disappeared into the shadow again.

Rose threw one last look at the shadow before forcefully flapped her wings, navigating herself among the silvery clouds until she was floating outside a window of a hotel room. She knew he was in the bathroom, taking a shower to cool himself down after sweating out at the concert just now.

20 minutes until eclipse

Rose gently tapped her forefinger on the glass window before inviting herself into the cozy suite. His smell breached her sense, waking up a feeling she thought has long gone. Settling into the corner of the room, Rose waved her fingers at the lights in the room and suddenly only the moon light was left illuminating the room.

15 minutes to eclipse

“Wait… why is it so dark in here? I thought I left the lights on just now,” Jungkook mumbled to himself as he looked around his room.

While drying his hair, he tried switching on and off the lights but he froze as a soft voice interrupted his action.

“Don’t bother. They wouldn’t light up.”

He slowly turned toward where the voice was coming from but he saw nothing. Relieved, Jungkook tried to switch on the lights again but to no avail. He just sighed and decided to just go to sleep. After all, the moon was shining brightly tonight, Jungkook thought to himself as he admired the moon while lying on the bed.

“Do you know in 10 minutes there’ll be a lunar eclipse?” the soft voice asked again.

Jungkook quickly sat on his bed only to face the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his entire life. So shocked his jaw dropped open at the sight in front of him. The girl eyes were as blue as the midday sky in the summer, her skin was as clear as the crystal and her pouty lips that were as red as the ruby. But it was the pair of blue black wings with hint of gold at their edges that literally took the poor boy breath away. Jungkook was back again in reality when he noticed the sad smile on the girl’s face.

“I’m sorry to come like this,” the girl said quietly as she gazed softly into Jungkook’s black eyes.

“Who… What are you?” asked Jungkook, who was still in dazed.

“I’m Roselia but human have always call me Black Rose, Fairy of the Shadow," she answered with a smile.

She reached for Jungkook's hands and held them while looking deep into his eyes. Jungkook slightly jumped as their skin touched. Images of him dancing and running happily with the beautiful fairy in front of him flashed through his mind. In those images, they both looked like they were deeply in love with each other. He looked back into her eyes, confused.

"I wish I can tell you everything right now, Jungkook," Rose spoke softly before she looked at the moon again and then back to the boy in front of her, "but I guess not in this lifetime."

As the sun began to shade the moonlight marking the beginning of an eclipse, the night fairy slowly disappear into tiny sparkles of blue light starting from her feet.

"What's happening to you?" Jungkook's voice laced with panic as he tightened his hold on their intertwined fingers.

Rose just smiled sadly as tears of blue crystals rolled down her cold cheeks. Between her light sobs, she quietly asked, "can I kiss you?"

Eyes widened, Jungkook slowly nodded his head as he removed one of his hands from hers and softly touched her cheek. She leaned in and closed her eyes as his soft lips touched hers. Moving his lips softly against hers, Jungkook suddenly felt a painful tug inside his heart. 

"Please don't leave," Jungkook murmured quietly against her lips as salty tears flowing down his face.

As her fingers slowly disappearing into tiny blue sparkles like the rest of her form, she smiled her last smile to him.

"In the next life, I'll wait for you. So please come and find me, will you?" She whispered as she lightly kissed his nose before entirely disappeared, leaving only trails of blue sparkles in front of Jungkook.

"How could I not find you Rose after that kiss?" Jungkook mumbled quietly as he stared at the eclipse on the cloudy skies.

In one night, his life had changed. All because of a black rose that was hiding in the shadow. Will fate let these unfortunate lovers to finally be together? Only time will tell...






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Chapter 2: That was......heartbreaking.......sequel pls?