I'll be Your Mama, Sweetheart


Lily loved kids but she never crossed her professional boundary as a pediatrician. Until, a certain Jeon Haru ended up in her clinic and shook her world with a pitiful "Mama" from her pale lips as her small hands held onto her white coat

And now, she was stucked in a complex relationship between a lonely four-years old and the little girl hot but annoying father. 

Will Lily be kind enough to grant the little girl's wish?

And will she learn to trust and love a guy again?


"I'm doing this for Haru," his voice sounded uninterested.

Lily scoffed. "Don't flatter yourself, Jeon. If not because of Haru, I won't waste my precious time looking at your ugly face."





This is a work of fiction which means the storyline and the characters are purely fictional and have no correlation with real people. Although the characters are based on real people, their personalities in this story are entirely my personal interpretation and assumptions that are built around this story. I have never encounter any member of BTS in real life, thus all the description about them in this fanfic are based on my own imagination. This story may contain vulgar words that are not suitable for formal uses. Me myself is not a saint but I'll try to not use bad words as much as I can while writing this fanfic. I'm not a native English speaker but I'll try my best to minimize errors throughout the story. Feedback and positive criticism are very welcome and much appreciated. Lastly, I hope anyone who reads this story will enjoy it! 




Hi everyone! I apologize for my sporadic updates. Lately, I kinda lost the drive to keep writing due to some personal problems. So, thank you very much to everyone who subscribed and read this story despite lack of updates. It means a lot to me.


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