Dreams Are Real


They were sisters. Two peas and a pod. But when she fell into the wrong crowd, the youngest was unneeded until the eldest was ready to pull her out. But maybe she wasn't ready to nothing more than a puppet.


Hey! It's Stevie (BooHansol)

So this story is going to be about Son Nauen and Jennie Kim as siblings. I haven't decided if its going to be a chaptered fic or not but yeah.

Disclaimer: There may not be a lot of appearences from the rest of Apink or Black Pink. Nothing against them but I like to mesh the groups in Kpop, hence a lot of unusual pairings. I don't mean to be rude or offend anyone (if thats how it may come across). I just don't limit myself to the idols I desire to use.

Enough said, I hope you enjoy when it is released!


Stevie (BooHansol)

​*UPDATE: NOV 20/2016*

​Hey! Stevie here.

Very productive day. Finished a one-shot and decided that this was going to be a chaptered ​fic as I began to write. Preface just went up. A chapter schedule will occur based on how much HRE 3M1 homework I get as well as all the other courses that fill my timetable. This will be written in correlation to my ISUs in HRE and CHW 3M1 (I could just type what courses these are but that's too much work). So, probably every week or every other week this will be uploaded.

I hope everyone enjoys this fic. I'm currently love it and will anticipate that you guys will as well.

Until our next encounter,


Hey, Hey! Sorry bout the wait. New idea came up that fit WAY better with preface. New Chapter Soon!


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i see jennie i click, i see naeun i click. im that simple
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i want this long lost sisters to meet irl :(