Broken Hearted


When Kris comes to Korea, after two long years of being away, Chanyeol is pissed to say the least.


So, much like that time I had those bad Sean (Sehun x Dean) feels, I have this weird Kris Wu feels that are compelling me to write a story. Currently love his new song, July, ​and the semi-long hair he was rocking in that video so it'll be based on.

Probably going to be another unusual pairing fic so, if you read this, you've been prewarned.

So that's it. Hope you'll like it when it come out!

-BooHansol (Stevie)

​*UPDATE: NOV 20/2016*

​Hey Guys! Stevie here!

So the story came out fast. This is the first time I was able to pump out a fic so quick after annoucing it. This is also the longest one-shot I've released on this account and on my other account. I'm really pleased with it so I hope you will also enjoy.

Until Next Time,



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