Personal Message

HELLO~ My name is BooHansol or, under the nom de plume, Stevie. Currently, I am in the process of rebuilding and restarting my writing career. I have another account here but... I don't know. I wasn't into the way things were going on the account. Everything was so... 'Exo Dominated" and even though I tried to branch out of it and explore other fandoms and styles of writing, everything ended in the same way. Now don't get me wrong. Exo is a great band and all as well as the authors who write fanfics for them but... Things were getting overdone and everything I thought was original or unique ended up just being a carbon copy or similar to stories I've never even read until they were recommended. So that was when, after a hard decision, BooHansol was formed. And that's basically all to it.


About Me

  • I read
  • I listen to music
  • I have to many biases...
  • Amber is like the greatest llama that has been bestowed upon us
  • I write but mostly in the summer (Guys, let's be real for a second. I'm trying to pass AP Eng this year).
  • That's about it.



  • Joon Jae x Takuya (*)
  • Henry Prince Mak x Edward (Eddy) Yong Oh (*)

 *= Not done