Celestials Side Story : Love Beyond Galaxy


Another Side Story of The Celestials Series, linking from the end of Chanyeol's side story...


Characters : 

Name : Kris Wu Yifan 

Age : 19

Pack :SilverExoBlades, Leader of Exo-M

Mate : Natelie


Name : Natelie Choi 

Age : 16

Pack : None. (Wolf)

Mate : Kris 




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Kris came back to the living after talking to Siwon, he threw himself on to the couch along with a yawn. 

"Yah Lay. Are you or DO cooking something?" He nudged his brother by the sides, "No? DO went to pick up Titia from the airport, and I'm not cooking anything. Why? Are you hungry?" Lay raised a brow at the elder. 

"Ah.. nothing i'm just curious, since i smelled something sweet." Kris shrugged, "Although the smell is quite addicting." He added on was he lean his head back with his eyes shut enjoying the sweet scent.

"I smell something sweet too.." Xiumin came out from the kitchen, "But there's nothing in the kitchen." He pouted as he took the space beside Kris. 

"I wonder what is it. Even Minseok is getting all excited." Xiumin added on. 

"Wait.. Hyung did you say your wolf's getting excited?" Kai raised a brow at him, before eyeing Luhan. 

"Yeah.. fan's too getting all weird." Kris added without opening his eyes. 

"What's sweet? Why didn't i smell anything?" Sehun went around the living room smelling everything in sight. 


Suddenly four figures came down from the stairs..

"OPPA!" Sena dashed into Sehun's arms. 

"Oh Sena.. How are you feeling?" He ruffles her hair. 

"Lay oppa are you hiding some sweets? There's this sweet scent around and spring is being all excited." She added on. 

"I smell it too.." Natelie spoke as she appeared from behind Nara and Chayeon, closing her eyes as she followed the scent blindly, only to stumble onto the back of the couch landing with her hands by either side of Kris' face.

Both of their faces where just inches apart when their eyes glowed golden brown before turning back to normal again.

Both of them had their eyes widen in shock as they frozed up totally in that awkward position. 


They just found their mate.....


Will Kris be able to accept his mate? 

Does he still have lingering feelings for Nara instead? 

Is Natelie able to get through her own history to be with Kris?

Will find their love for each other? 




Read on to find out (: 


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