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i joined on 30 August 2014 when i caught sight of one of the awesome fanfics

and from then i have been trying to write fanfics of my own (:

I'm still learning so please do let me know if things isn't right in my stories and stuff..

My English isn't that good and i used to write Fanfics in BaiduTieba which was all in tradition chinese >...<

So hopefully my stories in AFF can get better as time passes by <3

Feel free to add me as friends or request for stories <3 

you can add me on my new facebook account if you like ^^



Many things happening this year.. EXO losing galaxy.. losing lulu.. 

all the blame on SM.. seriously..

but i still wanna thank SM for letting us notice these 12 awesome and talented boys..

EXO OT12 forever..

no matter what.. Kris and Luhan will always be apart of EXO in my heart..

YiFan & Luhan & Z.Tao please stay strong and healthy

no matter where you are we will always love you (: 

About Me

i used to have no interest in Kpop until i saw Junhyung of Beast, my ultimate Bias <3

Beast is the one who let me notice Kpop and i will always love them no matter what. (:


Then my dear friend, Jonghyunluver let me fall for EXO <3 

She fell for Luhan of Exo and spam me with his/Their photos whenever she's free..

in the end i fell for Kai!! my dear seductive Kim Jong In !!! <3 



of cause i love the other members as well <3 including Kris and Luhan <3