Celestials Side Story : Contagious Love

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This is another Side story of The Celestial Series (: Sorry for taking so long to post this up, but i'm struggling in my life right now so hope you sweeties understand (: This story will be linking from The Celestials : The Ice, Ice 23. 


Characters : 

Name : Park Chan Yeol Also known as the Happy Virus. 

Age : 18

Pack :SilverExoBlades, Member of Exo-K

Mate : Jennifer

Previous encounter : Was attacked by XiaoLu, who was being controlled by the vampires.


Name : Jennifer Lee 

Age : 16

Kind : Sibling's Of SJ's DongHae. A Mage (Yi Neng Xing Zhe)

Mate : Park Chanyeol 


Posters : 


( Poster Done by me :  Using as background ) / ( Poster Done by Jonghyunluver : Using as cover ) 


*This CSS is Dedicated to JenLee, my favourite author and also a dear sis of mine <3 


For those who are new to this celestial series, here's the links to the stories (: 



Book 1 :  The Fall(Autumn), 

Featuring Kai & Nara/OC

the kind of wolf who possesses power of wind, lightening and foresee future visions.
(soulbonded : will be able to see through past and future of one's when they come in contact.)

Book 2 : The Ice (Winter),

Featuring Luhan & Chayeon/OC

the kind of wolf who possesses the power of ability to control ones mind, frost and telekinesis.



(Yet to start)  Book 3 : The Spring, 
the kind of wolf who possesses the power of Earth, animal communication and revival of lifes.

(Yet to start)  Book 4 : The Irascible(Summer), 
the kind of wolf who possesses the power of fire and only fire as it's the power of


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2. Celestials Side Story : Contagious Love (Featuring Chanyeol & Jennifer/OC )

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D.O. opened the door, "Hey, here to help Chanyeol?" he asked. 

"Nae, since he is awake, i probably should help him clear the venom in him first." Jennifer replied. 


Chanyeol frowned, at the new voice, but his heart was pumping rapidly fast.

He could somehow feel his wolf moving inside him, getting excited although he was still weak.

Don't tell me..

Chanyeol's eyes widen as their eyes met when Jennifer came in.

His eyes glowed goldenbrown, his mate is here...

Jennifer felt weird as she entered Chanyeol's room, but when their eyes met.

She felt her heart warmed.

Like the one in front of her was someone she knew deep inside her.

She frowned as she noticed how his eyes glowed.

Oh. Don't tell mei'm his mate...

she froze. 

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chikafishy #1
Chapter 4: Thankyou for the series author-nim, done reading all of them and i'm waiting for the next one The Spring and Kris side story. Hwaiting for everything ^^
Lylaazwani #2
Chapter 4: Never read such a amazing stories. Thank you author-nim :) get well soon and be strong
OkSooyeon #3
Chapter 4: Get well soon! Thank you for writing for us despite being sick... Waiting for your next story!
OkSooyeon #4
Chapter 4: Get well soon!
Makuriara #5
Chapter 4: Oh my... Get well soon for you.. please don't work too much and get some rest..
Btw, i like the final chapter.. and just a moment ago i forget, who is Sena and Natelie. But after thinking of it, i remember
loyal-ExosSpirit #6
Chapter 4: Omg you're sick!? How? Are you okay? I hope you will be fine soon.. It breaks my heart to hear you got such disease whatever it is. I hope its not serious

Aw it ends already? But i love the ending! Now I figured why it called as Contagious Love hahaah.

Hwaiting for your next story! And mostly get better soon! ♡
yuna3wu #7
Chapter 4: Thank you for the new chapter ^^ hope you will get well soon author-nim :) keep fighting and don't lose your hope
TitiaSWL #8
Chapter 4: Eonnie.... After reading your chapter note I feel like I can't even fully enjoy the chapter ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ How are you know ? Do you feel better ? Do you need to talk to someone ? ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ How is your health? And your disease... is it really bad ?? Or a little bad ?? ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ I'm in a situation almost similar to yours so I cam understand I guess... so if you need to talk please, like the old times... feel free to dm me and talk to me ok ????? ;; I'm semaines you all my love and my good vibes and I hope you'll be able to fight your disease smoothly <3

Your chapter was very sweet... and I guess I'm much more satisfied with this weather than with a bloody fight... because love and capacity in love can't be mesured by force or fighting skills.... It all depends on how much sacrifice you're willing to do in order to protect what you love... And Chanyeol put his life in line in order to protect his mate and that's what is beautiful and what's making him the best candidate to be Jen's partner <3
Chapter 4: *cough* *gasp* *blush* brb dying! ㅠ.ㅠ
Chapter 4: This was a nice ending. They stayed together