Promise made under a warm blanket


Hoseok really wants to kiss Taehyung and Taehyung really wants Hoseok to kiss him, but things are not that easy when you're trapped under a big, warm blanket.





“It’s enough hyung! Gimme that bottle.”

Taehyung extended his arm in Hoseok direction, but the bottle in his friend’s hand seem to run away from his fingers. No matter if he was reaching for it from the left or right side, the bottle never really got inside his hand. Hoseok also didn’t look normal, Taehyung didn’t remember him having two heads and being suddenly so attractive, so he gave up on that bottle and dropped back into his seat, which was literally Hoseok’s lap.

“You guys should go to sleep…” said Jin, passing the living room that the two were drinking in. He stopped at the door and gave Hoseok reproving look.

“Yea yea yea yea yea, we are going soon, that’s the last bottle.”

Hoseok said the exact same thing about an half an hour ago and since then three more bottles has been magically emptied. But hey, it was almost Taehyung birthday, it was literally the next day, and what’s the better way of celebrating best friend’s birthday than drinking beer together and eating chicken wings?

“You know what, Hobi?” Taehyung started with a very, very broken dialect that for a sober person wouldn’t really mean anything, but for Hoseok it was no problem to understand his equally intoxicated friend. He looked at his friend’s face, trying to prevent Tae from falling off his lap, and listened carefully to whatever he had to say.

“You are my best friend, you know that, Hobi?” the younger boy continued, fondly embracing Hoseok’s neck and flashing his best smile before picking up again.

“You know that I have birthday tomorrow?”

“Of course I know, my dear friend, Taehyung.” Hoseok replied to him in basically the same broken, drunk dialect, returning the fondness by wrapping his arms around Taehyung’s waist.

“So, will you please do me this greatest honor and spend the whole day with me?”

“Oh, I thought you never gonna ask me, my dear fri-“

“No no, shush, I’m not done! Can you please do me a favour as well, as a birthday gift?”

“Of course, my dear friend, whatever you want…”

“Whatever I want?”

“Whatever you want, my dear Taehyung, age 23, born i-“


Taehyung hand shot up into the air above their heads, all fingers curled up except from pinky. Soon after Hoseok’s hand did the same, and their pinky fingers connected clumsily as an evidence of the promise they made.

“Even if I asked you to marry me?”

“Of course, my dear fri-“

“Or kill someone for me?”

“I would do that for you, of cor-“

“Can you just please go to sleep?!”

Both Hoseok and Taehyung’s head turned right in Jin’s direction. I can’t even describe how offended they both looked, but it surely wasn’t a funny thing for Jin.

“You are drunk as hell, please, go to sleep so you can celebrate well tomorrow….” Jin tried to convince two drunk boys while helping them to stand up without knocking all the bottles off the table and walking them to their bedrooms.

He heard enough of their philosophical conversation to feel bad for Hoseok who during this 4 hours drinking spree had literally agreed to buy Taehyung a boat, go to Paris with him, adopt a dog together and a lot a lot more of different things. Jin just sighed heavily seeing how the two can’t say the final goodbye and questioned his life choices that led him to that dorm full of idiots who liked to get drunk and hug in the middle of the corridor.



It was almost 5 in the morning when first rays of sunshine hit the windows in Hoseok and Yoongi’s room. Both men were still asleep, enjoying their free day and using it to rest properly. All bandmates agreed that their birthdays were absolutely the best days in the whole year as they usually didn’t have any activities scheduled so they could celebrate together. That’s why the whole dormitory was still completely quiet, filled only with steady breathing of seven men sleeping tightly in their rooms.

Or I should had said six of them sleeping, as there actually was one person that was already awake. It was obviously the birthday boy, who just couldn’t sleep from all this excitement about the upcoming day full of celebration. His eyes had shut open a good half an hour ago and now he had nothing better to do than just silently lie in bed and kill some time on his phone, but even that started to be boring after a while. He finally found himself reading through some old messages with different people, trying to convince himself that he wasn’t actually waiting for the green dot to appear next to that guy’s picture. It would mean that Hoseok was already awake and Taehyung could go and start this special day with him, but the screen was still showing that his hyung was active over 5 hours ago.

Taehyung sighed deeply and decided to go and visit Hoseok’s room anyway. He knew he had to be extremely careful not to wake up Yoongi who was Hoseok’s roommate, as it could possibly end up really ugly for both of them.

He left his warm bed and get out on the corridor, leaving sleeping Jimin behind in an empty room. He quietly passed the bathroom and took a deep breath before even touching the handle of his hyungs’ room. Tae tried his best to open the door without making any sound, and he kinda managed to, not counting this one batten which creaked under his steps. Taehyung looked around overly clean room and waited a few seconds just to make sure that both of the men were still sleeping. Yoongi’s bed was in the far left corner of the room, possibly the darkest place in the whole bedroom, and Taehyung could barely see his hyung covered in blanket and surrounded by way too many pillows. It looked more like a big lump on the bed and not an actual sleeping person. Then, on the other side of the room, right by the window, there was Hoseok’s bed. Tae could already feel the chills slowly crawling up his spine while he made his way to his friend’s bed, and he could swear to god that his own hands were a bit shaky when he was lifting up the warm blanket. He hesitated for a second and took a quick glance and his hyung’s calm, sleeping face before diving under the blanket and covering them both from heads to toes. Taehyung slowly lied down next to sleeping Hoseok and made himself comfortable by his side, their shoulders touching. He looked at Hoseok’s face again and couldn’t help but smile seeing his slightly open lips and few drops of drool in their corner. He always found Hoseok attractive, even though it might not be so obvious like with Jungkook or Jin, but for Taehyung it was always Hoseok who showed the most charm and class out of all of them. His friendly approach and disarming care about other members made Taehyung feel safe and simply good around this hyung, they knew each other like no one ever before, so sharing this special birthday morning with him made the younger boy feeling happy and excited.

“Oy, hyung.” Tae whispered softly, putting his hand on Hoseok’s shoulder and shaking him a bit. He repeated that again when the first time hadn’t done much, and again, and again, until Hoseok’s eyes opened up just enough to meet Taehyung’s, all bright and sparling from excitement. Older boy looked quite confused, he obviously hadn’t wake up like that too often, his bed shamelessly occupied by someone else than just its true owner. He gave Taehyung questioning look, wiping drool from the corner of his mouth, his forehead still wrinkled from all the confusion.

“It’s my birthday and I couldn’t wait any longer.” Taehyung said after few seconds, watching Hoseok’s face carefully, trying to stop himself from ruffling his hyung’s already messy hair. There was something about seeing his hyung being so sleepy that made Taehyung want to just curl up next to him and take a short nap.

Hoseok on the other hand couldn’t really catch up on what was really going on at that moment. It wasn’t the first time when he woke up next to Taehyung, but after last evening he thought that he will get at least some generous amount of sleep. He had promised already that he will spent that day with birthday boy and he will do something special for him, but it couldn’t justify the fact that he woke him up so suddenly. And, what’s even worse in that case, Taehyung was being extremely careless sneaking up to his bed while Yoongi was sleeping in the same room. It was well known that him and Hoseok were close, but being considered close friends and sleeping together is a visible line, and in Hoseok’s opinion this kind of behavior was very risky. Why he didn’t kick Taehyung out then? Well, first of all, he was too tired for arguing the first thing in the morning. Second of all, it was still early, and he didn’t want to wake other members up, especially his roommate. And third of all… it’s Tae’s birthday. He didn’t like to scream at him in general, and at this special day he wanted to be the best possible friend. He liked that kid more than anyone in their group, so after considering kicking his wiggly from under the blanket, Hoseok decided to keep things as quiet as possible and just let the boy enjoy his birthday.

Hoseok yawned and locked his eyes with this smiling and giggling pile of happiness named Taehyung. He could swear to god that the whole bed was shaking, that’s how excited he was, and that was exactly what was needed to totally disarm Hoseok. He knew that Tae loved celebrating birthday, and after being an for him the day before he wanted to pay him off and make this day a good one.

“Happy Birthday, Tae…” Hoseok mumbled quietly, trying to ignore how warm and stuffy it had become under the blanket. Did he mind it? Yes, a bit, but it was the only option to keep Taehyung’s presence in Hoseok’s bed a secret. “How old are you again?34?” He added with a mischievous smile, then turned around and lied on his side so he could comfortably annoy Taehyung and totally mess up his hair.

At first Tae just smiled in response, but then sighed loudly as in annoyance, and leaned in Hoseok’s direction to accept every bit of touch he got from his hyung’s big, warm hands. He didn’t mind the mess on his head as long as Hoseok’s eyes and attention were all over him.

“Be serious, please…” Taehyung added after a while, his mouth still curved into relaxed smile, and his side as well to face Hoseok and get a little bit closer to hear him better. His eyes were still heavy and not really open, and he actually looked like he can fall sleep any second, but Tae didn’t mind at all.

Hearing the urge in Taehyung’s voice, Hoseok shook of the tiredness completely and focused on his friend’s face for good. It was literally glowing with happiness, and Hoseok was wondering if it was because of the birthday itself or that little promise that he will have to keep just because he had been so drunk the day before to actually promise anything to his dear dongsaeng. It wasn’t a mystery that Taehyung was a very unusual guy and his head was always full of all sort of crazy ideas, so the whole situation could get really ugly for Hoseok. Well, promise is promise, right? He was just hoping that Tae won’t make him do anything stupid and dangerous in the same time, but who knows.

“Hmm, let’s see…” Hoseok started with a very serious face, causing Taehyung to bite his lips in anticipation. The amount of charm this boy had was still a mystery for Hoseok, and he wasn’t sure if he will manage to get through all the birthday wishes without pinching Tae’s little, pink cheeks.

“I wish you… a lot, a lot of chicken and pizza and…”


“What? You love chicken!”

“But hyung!!!”

“Shush! Yoongi is sleeping…”

…and as a confirmation, the loud snore filled out the room.

“But please, be serious about it…”Taehyung whispered, gently boxing Hoseok’s chest causing the other to totally burst out with laughter, absolutely failing to control himself for a good few seconds. “Hyuuung…” Tae whined again, his forehead frowned and eyes suddenly half closed and glossy like he’s about to cry. His small palm resting on Hoseok’s chest was now clenching onto soft material of his hyung’s shirt, trying to remind him that he had some promises to keep and birthday rituals to do, and wishes were actually the easiest part there. Hoseok finally calmed down a bit and gave Tae apologetic look, then took his palm into his hands and locked eyes with him again, causing the younger boy to lean in again, waiting for his well deserved wishes.

“Dear Kim Taehyung, in this special day I wish you all happiness in this world. I wish that you would be always healthy and that smile would never leave your face. I wish you that you would continue to mesmerize people with you amazing voice and great personality…”

Hoseok’s lips kept mouthing next words and his eyes remained sincere, but Taehyung didn’t really listen anymore. He hadn’t expected Hoseok to be this serious about it, he thought he will give him an usual birthday wishes, but no, he actually tried his best to make it all about Tae. Younger boy’s stare was locked with his hyung’s eyes and he had to gather all of his strength not to cry or shake or do something else more or less embarrassing. You could say that he should had already gotten used to compliments, but no, not from Hoseok, and not like that.

Everything was too good already, and it was just a few minutes since he had disturbed Hoseok’s sleep. The blanket was too warm. The air was too thick. Hoseok’s smile was too bright, his words too beautiful and his fingers were too soft on Taehyung’s skin. He knew what did he come for, and now was the most thrilling part of the whole experience. The sweet anticipation mixed with a little pinch of doubt.

Taehyung was lost. Hoseok was his best friend, he let him into his life without any boundaries or secrets. Hoseok saw his worse and Tae lifted Hoseok many times as well, no matter how rough was the argument they would still find themselves eating cold noodles at 3 in the morning in the dark kitchen. Hoseok was his sunshine, he was a soft pillow to rest on and strong hands to be shaken by when needed, he was all Taehyung had ever wanted in a friend. And when he got it, he wanted to keep it forever, saving Hoseok from everyone else, just for himself, all of his kindness and charm. But it couldn’t be so easy, right?

Taehyung was lost. He was lost under this big, warm blanker, he was lost in Hoseok’s voice and calm eyes, he was lost in their legs tangled together and he was lost in how Hoseok was such a coward to realize everything and decide something. It was him who’s supposed to take care of Taehyung, and now Tae had to do everything on his own, because hyung was just too scared and too insecure for any actions. Taehyung wasn’t stupid. He was lost, but not stupid.

“Oyy, Tae! Please don’t tell me you didn’t listen…” Hoseok’s accusing voice brought him back to earth and their stuffy little space. He looked at his hyung and smiled in response to his very offended looking face.

“Of course I’ve listened!” Taehyung whispered softly, crawling even closer to Hoseok, causing him to giggle watching his younger friend wiggle his way across the bed.

Hoseok’s face was always bright, but it was the brightest when he was with Taehyung. There was a lot of times when he had to fake smiles and good mood for the sake of the group or a variety show, but Tae was this person he didn’t have to fake anything for. So when Hoseok was smiling seeing Taehyung cheerful expressions, it was more than sincere.

“Good.” older boy nodded quickly, extending his hand across the pillow and placing it above Tae’s head, perfect spot to be able to comfortably play with his hair. “So, what do you want to do today? Any orders, Birthday Boy?” Hoseok asked silently, sending Taehyung a meaningful smile and wiggling his eyebrows, causing his dongsaeng to giggle under his breath.

“Well, I thought about eating a yummy breakfast made by my favourite chef…” Taehyung started with a very exaggerated dreamy look on his face and winked at Hoseok just to emphasize the word “chef” and immediately spoke up again, not giving his hyung a single chance to disagree. It was obviously Jin who was in charge of cooking in their dorm, but no one could ever beat Hoseok’s pancakes/

“And then I want to visit this new museum. You know, this one next to the library.”

Hoseok face was priceless when he heard the word “museum” escaping Tae’s mouth.

“You hate museums.”

“But you love museums.”

“Tae…” Hoseok whispered softly, sliding his hand from Taehyung’s head to his cheek and then right back up, when he realized it may be too intimate gesture for that moment, and decided to just pet his dear dongsaeng’s hair with long, gentle .

“It’s your birthday, you silly. It’s about you, not me.” Hoseok said finally, expecting Tae’s face to tense up again and his eyes to water like they always did when he was disappointed, but to his surprise his friend burst out with energy and bed started shaking again, and Hoseok was simply confused at that moment.

“Stupid!” Tae commented shortly, his eyes wide and mouth smiling brighter than ever. Hoseok started to get legitimately scared, because it seemed like Tae was going to reveal another of his crazy plans and Hoseok would probably play the main role there. He didn’t say a word though, he just watched Taehyung carefully, his hand still slowly petting his head.

“There is a photography festival today. Photographers from all over the country and different scenes and costumes and they will be taking pictures for free as long as you’ll agree to make them a part of exhibition next week and…” Taehyung was explaining quickly, gesturing fiercely in an already small space between him and Hoseok, and she smiled even wider when he saw excitement on his hyung’s face.

Hoseok loved to take pictures. Just simple, everyday snaps of everything and everyone around him. He wasn’t like Yoongi who would pay attention to technical stuff of photography, his goals wasn’t to take the most beautiful photos, but to preserve those brief memories from fading away. He would take pictures while the whole group is eating dinner, he would take pictures of Jimin’s new shoes or Namjoon modeling his new sweater. He would photograph Jin strolling between the aisles in the supermarket and Jungkook sleeping on the couch with tv still on. He didn’t mind that they’re so ordinary and simple, because in thirty, forty years from now he will appreciate very single one of them, even if it’s the picture of a bowl of rice. Taehyung was the same, that’s why Hoseok loved going out with him, they always ended up with lots of pictures and made memories they can share with the rest of the guys.

So, did Hoseok like the idea of taking part in the event? Absolutely, especially with Tae.

“… and later on I will show you how it looks like cause they already posted pictures of set ups and seriously, there is an underwater scene and Hawaii one and the one with fake snow…”

“That’s the best idea you have ever gotten.” Hoseok cut him off with a big smile, giving his dongsaeng some extra dose of gentle and watching his eyes light up with excitement. Just like the kid that just found out he’s going to Disneyland. He loved seeing Taehyung so excited.

“I can’t wait to go there with you.” said Hoseok, bright smile crawling onto his mouth. His head was already full of ideas for fun pictures they can take, and the fact itself that Taehyung wanted to spend this day just with him was making his heart beat a little faster.

Suddenly the space between two boys was filled with suppressed giggles, and the big lump under the blanket seemed to be shaking more and more with every second. Taehyung could barely breath, his eyes closed tightly and fists punching Hoseok’s chest, making the other one laugh even more. Their hair was a complete mess, their cheeks were flushed red from all the warmness and mouths wide open to release another salve of laughter.

“This is genius! We will prank them all!” Hoseok managed to whisper, locking his eyes with Taehyung who was still being shaken by his own laugh. “We will take a dramatic picture together and we will send them to Namjoon with a message that we have run away to be happy and to not look for us ever again.” the older boy continued with a visible difficulty as his poor chest and shoulders were still being hit by Tae’s fist in his laugh attack and Hoseok himself couldn’t really watch the other one laugh without laughing himself, so he was actually surprised that Taehyung understood what he wanted to say and pick up the idea immediately.

“Okay, but… what do you mean by dramatic pose?” ask Tae, trying to hide his confusion and doubts. He totally abandon his plan to ask Hoseok to do the thing he wanted him to do besides going to museum, he thought he was more confident and brave but imagining the situation and actually asking the question were two completely different things and it was simply too much for him to handle. Now, that Hoseok got this crazy idea, Taehyung believed it would be enough to fulfill his needs for something than just platonic friendship, even if it was just on a picture. He was still hoping that maybe Hoseok will realize what was his plan all along and will finally make the first step, but this hope wasn’t as strong as Taehyung would like it to be. He just focused all of his attention on Hoseok and decided to enjoy this day whatever would happen, thinking that maybe it wasn’t fair to demand something more from anyway.

Hoseok on the other hand not only loved the idea of the photo session and wanted to bring it to another level, dorky and funny one of course. It would be just him and Taehyung, he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to maybe take some more meaningful pictures together, something just for them, but asking for it straight like that wasn’t really his style. Hoseok wasn’t a serious type of person, so instead of voicing his idea how it was, he decided to deliver it as a prank idea that he was sure Taehyung would love. Maybe Hoseok was too scared, maybe he wasn’t sure or maybe both at once, but the only thing he knew was that he wanted to be with Tae that day and that he totally loved how his face look so confused right now. He totally fell for the way Taehyung’s was always full of expressions and clear to read from, sometimes he even liked to think that he saw something more than just admiration in his friend’s eyes, but it was obviously just a silly illusions made by Hoseok’s brain completely occupied by Taehyung himself and too drunk on happiness to think clearly.

“You know, like…romantic one.” said Hoseok, and Taehyung’s heart sunk.

“R-romantic?” he just couldn’t believe. At this point he was praying to all the gods to help him stay calm and not blush in front of Hoseok.

“Yea, like a couple.” Hoseok continued without even blinking, just like he was talking about weather and not taking romantic pictures with his friend to prank the whole group. Hoseok was good at hiding nervousness in front of Taehyung, in situations like that it was really helpful. “They always joke about us being so close, so let’s just give them what they want!”

“Oh my god, are you… serious?” Taehyung voice was a little bit shaky but still much calmer than Tae thought we would be able to keep it. Hoseok’s idea was literally his greatest dream coming true, but he wasn’t sure if he should take it how it was or try to look for clues in it. Maybe this was Hoseok’s sign? Maybe it was his way of being brave and approaching Taehyung to do something…more?

“Yea, why not?” Hoseok felt a slight disappointment slowly filling his stomach and making his bright smile disappear. He thought that Taehyung will be excited, but he didn’t seem to be. “You don’t like the idea?”

“No, no, no!” Taehyung replied quickly, resting his small hands on Hoseok’s chest again, enjoying its heat and rhythmic beating of his heart. He put on his most sunny of smiles and continued: “I love it! We should seriously pose like a random couple watching paintings, so the pictures will look realistic, you know? Like we will stand in front of one while holding hands and they will take picture of us from behind, like you know, a normal, accidental shot. And then, we can…”

Taehyung didn’t really had to try to sound happy and excited about the idea, but he did try to get into Hoseok’s head and make his bright smile to curve his lips again. The idea of the prank was really appealing for Tae, but it has a bitter-sweet taste as well as it wouldn’t be real, intimate pictures of them but posed, intentional shots. Or would they? It was really frustrating to try to read Hoseok’s minds as he was great at protecting his thoughts when he wanted to. Maybe it was for real? Maybe the whole idea was sincere and not just made up for the sake of the prank?

Hoseok almost regretted voicing his idea to Taehyung, he was very close to give up on that and just go to museum to take some funny shots. But really, wanted to believe that it was also something that Taehyung would want. After their yesterday’s talk, Hoseok felt that something had changed, that something moved forward and decided to improve, and he believed it was whatever it was going on between him and Taehyung, but his friend’s behavior was just… confusing. He was wondering if his dongsaeng was finding him confusing too with his motherly affection but complete lack of any confessions whatsoever.

He listened carefully to Taehyung’s voice, trying to keep up with his new ideas and remember them all, until these few words escaped his friend’s mouth, making his head completely blank and putting his heart into racing mode.

“… like these pics on tumblr with the quote “take me to an art museum and kiss me between the paintings” you know…”

“Wait, wait, wait, what?!

Taehyung face went blank and his excitement faded for a few second before he realized what he had said and how Hoseok could had understood them. He gasped loudly and shut his mouth, too scared to drop his stare still locked with Hoseok’s eyes, now open wide and unsure. Taehyung didn’t want to make things so awkward, but his mouth clearly worked faster than his brain while talking. Tae was just trying to give his friend an idea of how he wanted the photos to look like, and now he was put in a very awkward situation, and suddenly their little space under the blanker seemed to be even more stuffy and hot.

“Are you asking me to kiss you?” Hoseok face was still surprised, but he surely sounded serious. He didn’t want to, he tried his best to make his voice sound relaxed and calm, but he failed at it miserably, not really making the situation any better. He didn’t even know why would he ask that stupid question, he was a fool to think that Taehyung will give him a straight forward reply. Hoseok actually didn’t really get any reply at all, just some weird, mumbled sound that could be both a positive and negative answer.

He watched Taehyung’s face going from flushed red to almost white in a split of a second, his mouth disappearing behind small palm covering it and his body trembling like he was having a fever. The silence between them was heavy, the air got even thicker and Hoseok was seriously afraid that Taehyung could be able to hear his heart beating fast in his chest. He was hoping for his friend to laugh it off and turn it into a joke, but he didn’t. It wasn’t typical for him, he would always get away with the weirdest and most awkward situations by turning them into something funny, but not now. And it was scaring Hoseok to death.

He was a coward, but that was a moment he had to stop being a coward.

“Do you… want me to kiss you, Taehyung?”

The words were so hard to say out loud that Hoseok could feel them stuck in his throat before he could actually speak. His eyes were still glued to Taehyung frightened face, and he was wondering if he was that pale as well. He wanted to touch him so badly, he wanted to just ruffle his fair hair and laugh it all off, but he couldn’t, it got too far now. It should had happened yesterday, the tension was unbearable already and it just had to happen now, now or never, no matter the circumstances.

Taehyung tried his best to stop himself from shaking but he couldn’t. He has been trying so badly to come to this point for all those years, he had been ready to confess the day before, but now, in that moment, the stress, the tension inside him were beating down his confidence without any mercy. Hoseok was so close to him, he could feel his heartbeat under one of his hands still resting on Hoseok’s chest, now completely paralyzed to take it away. All he saw and all he could think of were his dark eyes and serious face, waiting for any word or even gesture from Taehyung, but poor boy couldn’t even move his finger. He was defeated already and he could feel Hoseok urgent stare stripping him down from all the confidence he ever had had.

Taehyung didn’t say a word when Hoseok grasped his hand and drew it away from his chest just to place it on his cheek. Hoseok’s skin was warm and soft under his fingers, but he couldn’t caress it as he was completely petrified by the seriousness of the situation. He didn’t protest when Hoseok leaned closer, so close he could distinguish every single one of his long eyelashes. He didn’t try to stop him from removing his other hand from his lips, brutally uncovering his trembling chin. But when Hoseok’s fingers touched his cheek, Taehyung leaned in for a touch almost unconsciously, shutting his eyes close to stop himself from crying, and most importantly, get away from Hoseok’s intense stare. But he couldn’t get away from his voice.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” His voice was quiet and soothing, not really asking for an answer but working as a remedy itself.

Taehyung in deed didn’t answer, he just opened his eyes and just fell right into Hoseok’s arms, hopelessly grasping his neck and clenching onto his shirt. He didn’t care that he had scared him, he didn’t mind this small whine that escaped his mouth and he couldn’t care less about the fact he was literally crushing his hyung with his limbs.

“I don’t want to talk anymore…” he whispered after a while, pressing his face in the crook of Hoseok’s neck, accepting soft patting on the back he was receiving from his hyung’s warm hands.

“I know, I know, Tae.”

“I wish you knew.” thought Taehyung, trying to control himself and really not to cry. “And I wish we were both less of cowards.”

The situation was awkward and uncomfortable already, he didn’t want to make it all worse with his tears. It wasn’t that they had never hugged before, but they had never done like that. That meant something more than just an embrace, the silence around them was actually overflowing with words and their racing hearts were beating in the same rhythm. Taehyung felt good about how it was, he found that stupid how he tried forcefully fasten up the feeling between them. He couldn’t wish for anything more. All that he had ever wanted was right there, soothing his mind with his sweet scent and calming his heart with his presence itself.

Hoseok on the other was more than surprised, more than shocked, he couldn’t really fairly describe what were the feeling inside his head at that moment, but there was one thought in his head that didn’t change at all. That Taehyung was his best friend, and that he had to take care of him no matter what. He had no idea how it would all end, what had just happened was more than unbelievable, he wasn’t sure how it had all happened and why, but he knew that this topic would come back soon, and they wouldn’t be able to avoid it for the third time.

But at that moment, he wasn’t really thinking about the future. Hoseok’s head was, as always, full of Taehyung, and despite everything that had happened, he felt better than ever under this way too warm blanket, cuddling his best friend and listening to his steady breathing. Hoseok knew Taehyung was crazy and unpredictable, he also didn’t find himself completely normal, but he knew that no matter what, they would surely make it work. He didn’t want to push things further anymore, he didn’t want to create those stupid plans like a freaking teenager. He wanted to handle that as an adult, and he knew that the best way of handling that was to let it go. If anything is meant to happened between him and an already sleeping Taehyung, it would eventually happen. And even if it wouldn’t, Hoseok was happy anyway, having his whole world safe in his arms.-

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The fact that you did not put the kiss in the end left this fic even more special, because after all, Hoseok is still discovering himself ... and Tae was so astonished, poor boy ... That was a long one, but I had to leave this comment for you to know how important this fic was to me. Thanks again <3 I love this, from the bottom of my heart.
*First of all, I do not even know how to start this. I'm from Brazil, so this will probably have grammar error in my comment, but please ignore it ToT *. If I could I would praise you until the end of my life, because this was without doubt THE BEST FIC THAT I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE. This comment is going to be long, but it is necessary. You wrote everything I always wanted to read in a fanfic, the discovery, but not in a forced way. I can very well see everything you wrote actually happening ... and the words you used, the way you described the events took me to the limit of my sanity, I was suffering along with the taehyung at the end of the fic. . Do you know when that happen to me in a fic? Well, NEVER! Because I was shaking and my heart was pouding so fast. I’ve never been like that before reading any other fic. And the way you put these two being 'cowards' matches so much the reality of Korea, because it's not easy to accept, even harder when you are idol. Everything was perfect, I'm crying, you do not know how much I waited for a fic like this, practically my entire time in the kpop world. I just want to say thank you. Now I finally found this masterpiece. I will keep this fic in my heart, because it was written with mastery, you have an unimaginable gift for being able to transmit all this wealth of details and feelings in the form of words. Its even better because its with my OTP, I feel that no other fic will overcome this one, because it has nothing to improve, everything was so right, so convincing, so human. . I could only feel a huge empty when it was over. Thank you so much again. <3 And please do more TaeSeok fics. preferably without being AU. I read AU, but those that are not AU holds a special place in my heart .
Awww... That was sweet ^-^
Jia_Lie #4
I think they will kissing :'(

You know I bit my lips when I read this hohoho
Geeyuu #5
Wth, jus kis already