That first time, when Jimin...


After disbanding of BTS, Jimin and Hoseok's friendship became even stronger. They live only couple of minutes away from each other and they spend as much time together as possible. Everything changes a little bit when Jimin relizes he may have a little, tiny crush on his best friend. Andeven though we can find him crushing on Hoseok extremely adorable, it's very hard for him to hide this uncomfortable fact and not let Hoseok suspect a thing. What will happen when his hyung finds out about it? Will Jimin be brave enough to confess on his own?


The things shown in this series is only my imagination, don't take anything seriosuly.I made the whole situation up, it's not true, don't freak out. BTS members are all fine, the band itself is fine and everything is fine, don't worry. Just enjoy the story~

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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 6: BEST
[deactivated] #2
Chapter 2: "Jimin wondered how much he could fit in his mout-" I laughed too hard at this. Waaaay too hard. XD
Chapter 6: Oh! Hi, its me again ;3
okay, I have a soft spot for JiHope, it used to be my OTP tbh
This is so amazing! I need moreeee
aldnoah38 #4
Chapter 6: Ok i'm gonna die guys, goodbye cruel world...
But seriously that was cuuute ^^ i'm expecting more author-nim ;)
aldnoah38 #5
Chapter 3: OMG I KNEW IT!!!
Chapter 6: Oh this is so cute, I was actaully just thinking about this fic a couple days ago and coincidently updated ^^ haha thanks for the update authornim
hobinight #7
Chapter 6: they are cuties
kelbumbi #8
Chapter 5: Oh ... you come back and I'm so happy we did! * --- * I just love your fic <33
kanimelife #9
Chapter 5: I agree with Helinjae