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A Layout Collection
Welcome to Finire (previously known as Whisper), a thread featuring a mix of both desktop and mobile friendly layouts.
Terms of Use
ONE: comment if taking anything, even if you don't use it publicly, and regardless of how much has been taken or how it's used. Please specify which layout versions you're taking in your comment.
If you fail to comment and I am unable to contact you, you will automatically be blacklisted.
TWO: take what you want and edit what you want, just don't remove the credits or take credit from my work.
If you use anything without the proper credit, it will first result in a warning, and if no improvement if made you'll be blacklisted and/or blocked.
The Key
MF: mobile friendly
SH: shop
RP: roleplay
PR: profile
CT: contest
MK: mock layout
UN: unspecified
EX: exclusive
My Skills
Computer Oriented Layouts
Mobile Friendly Layouts
Irregular Updates
Established September 2016
Last Updated
January 2019
Jan 11, 2019: 3/5 requests complete.
Dec 14, 2018: Back from the dead, equipped with (hopefully) better design skills, and newly revamped!
All images belong to their rightful owners. If I figure out what the exact sources are I will include links to them.
Title font from Misti's Fonts on fontspace.
Background image from Yukoki.
The colour palette originated from a mix of this palette by mobock and this poster by Olly Moss.
Special thanks to veelah for making an extremely helpful tutorial on mobile friendly coding. Much appreciated!
imessagetwt // removed credit and failed to comment.
luwuda // failed to comment and unable to contact.
iulyns // stole layout snippets and claimed ownership.
Finire - Home Layout by unfinishe Code Unavailable
Requests are closed.
All slots are full.
Thanks for visiting Finire! Please enjoy your stay!
Thank you for 100 upvotes <3


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Chapter 2: Using instagram, many thanks!
Chapter 2: using instagram! thank you!!
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Chapter 2: using instagram, thank you!
Chapter 2: using instagram, thank you
Chapter 2: Hello~!
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Chapter 2: hello author unfinishe!!

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