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Home Archive FAQ Request Ask/Suggest If you have any unanswered questions, drop me a comment/message, or ask anonymously through the "ask/suggest" link above. Frequently Asked Questions   I’m finding it difficult to edit a layout, what do? Depending on what exactly you’re trying to do, I’d recommend the following options: a) Make sure you've read the "Notes for Editing" that can be seen with the preview of each layout. This applies especially to mobile friendly layouts. b) If you’re really desperate, drop me a comment or message. I can’t guarantee absolute success but I’ll try my best. Just be mindful of the fact that I may not respond immediately because life be busy sometimes.
I’m also willing to try my best with layouts by other creators as well. Do you have coding tutorials? How can I learn to make my own layouts? No, I don’t have tutorials. It feels pointless to make them. All I’d like to say about this is: if you want to learn how to make layouts, you should just properly learn about HTML and CSS from the general net. I would not recommend looking at tutorials on AFF. There’s plenty of websites, YouTube tutorials, etc, all over the place and they do a much better job. And trust me, it’s better to start from the basics. You can’t be expected to draw a masterpiece if you don’t know how to hold a pencil first, right? More story layouts please? I’m… getting there. It’s surprisingly difficult to think of ways to make story layou
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