Don't Des(s)ert me


where chansoo relationship is just so sweet 


haizzz, these days i feel like i have an idea but can't express it frustrating!! enjoy this lousy piece :)) 


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yehet_pcy #1
THATS SO CUTE AND SWEET awwww i really love how they met its so awkward and cute i literally have that moment with a lot of people everyday... Sidestepping uselessly.... Blocking each other.... When will i meet the yeol to my soo that way???? HAHHAHAHSH ahhhhh really and now theyre boyfriends and yeol waits for soo to come home and they have ice cream like the first time tHIS IS SO SPECIAL
Also... Jongdae pls learn to prioritize omg going on a date with baek when you passed unaccomplished work to soo i cANT BELIEVE
thanks for writing and sharing!!
LionRose #2
Chapter 1: OMGGGGGG I LOVE THISSS!! Please make more story with chansoo moments in exordium... Pleaseee*bbuing bbuing
Memexo #3
Chapter 1: Awww sooo cuuuttte chansoo, loved it very much
Lumin_Chansoo4LYF016 #4
Chapter 1: Cuteeeeee..... !!!!