I Bet You're Mistaken


~Everyone has something special in them, but it's your job to figure out what it is.~


This is you:

(Kim So Eun) or (Yoo Na Ri {in the story})

Kim So Eun (you) is a beautiful hard working woman, you are very successful in life, your family is one of the richest family in Asia, your family own an international hotel that is known by everyone. Your family business group is very big that you have to follow in to your mom's footstep to take on the business after her.


Dennis Oh:

A playboy casinova that doesn't want to take on his family's successful business and doesn't take anything seriously until he is forced to come and work in the business with his parents. Knowing that his dad is in nearly last stage of cancer, he wants to prove himself to his dad that he can be responsible as well. 


Song Joong Ki or Kang Tac Jin(in the story):

He is your best best friend, you guys have similar background. He is very funny and sometimes can be very ed, He really likes taking care of other people especially you. Because of his good looking-ness all the girls admir him, because you and Joongki hang out with each other a lot, other girls would try to be seeking attentions from him.


Angelababy or Angela Yang:

She is the most admirable woman in China, she is very beautiful, very rich and smart, and she would do anything to get what she wants. Many men in Asia really want her for themselves but no one can really get to her because of her beloved dad.


Hey Asian fan-fiction lovers!,

This is my first ever story that I'm going to be writing, I don't really have much experience on this but I have been reading some of the stories here on this website. I usually like to make up stories up in my head so I thought that this would be a great idea for me to share it with people of asianfanfics site. I am really excited about this and I really hope you guys would enjoy it. If you have any thoughts or comment you can share it with me. Thank you.

with love, 



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