Fallen Leaves


We are like the summer months; beautiful while they last,


But too soon to give way to the falling leaves of autumn.


You are the fiery hues in the autumn leaf weakly clinging to the branch,


And I am the powdery ash that remains after you have fallen.  



Thursday, August 25th, 2016

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” She smiled into the cool breeze, letting it push the dark strands of her hair across her face. The wind carried her voice gently over the lake, acting as a messenger to the recipients waiting over the horizon. Everything seemed so familiar, as if nothing had changed since that day. The same town, the same buildings, the same waters. As she looked into the rippling blue waters, her mind let itself slip back into a wave of nostalgia. The tips of the leaves on the tree were beginnning to turn to light shades of orange and red. His sweet voice echoed in her mind as if it were just yesterday. Warm memories of meaningless talks on the beach, of saccharine kisses under the shade of the weeping willows and never ending laughter as they ran down the streets in the pouring rain. But they were like the summer; so beautiful while it lasts, but too soon to give way to the falling leaves of autumn. 

Inspired by the song "Dead Leaves" by BTS. 

Thank you Mystic Multi-Shop for the awesome poster, background and ads!

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