"You are mine..."  A chill slithered down Takuya's back as he stared at the words written in red lipstick.  They seemed to whisper in his ear with the voices of ghosts.  Again... it was the same person, he was sure.  The same person that sent him the pressed roses... and the dead butterflies.  He jumped as a dark shadow splashed across what should have been an empty dorm. Above the sound of his own racing heart, he heard his name..."Takuya..."



I couldn't resist.  Yes, I know, I have other unfinished stories.  Yes, yes, yes... BUT!

Taking a second stab at horror!  I've only ever tried it once (Blind) and it was only meh for me.  I've had this idea rolling around in my head for a while (a whole week) and I've been just itching to write something with Takuya in it.  Hope I can keep up the suspense!


Terada Takuya


Shin Won Ho


Lee Jae Joon


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