Look at Me


She was still in Sungyeol's heart, Myungsoo was sure of it.  It was in the way he glanced at her when she wasn't looking... the way her name rolled off his tongue when he called out to her.  Even if her heart belong to someone else, Sungyeol's gaze followed her.  "How," Myungsoo murmured as he gazed at Sungyeol's face, "Do I get you to look at me?" ~ A"High School Love On" after story.


Soooooooo MyungYeol's been tumbling around in my head for the past month or so and I haven't been able to cure the itch.  There's something super sweet in their relationship that keeps me coming back.  I decided to start this one-shot/short story (?) as a way to cure the itch.  Maybe this will also help me get back into writing again as I *ehem* have quite a few stories to finish :)  Stay tuned for the first chapter!

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