Golden Star

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“Jinhwan is Hanbin’s Golden Star; he shines Hanbin’s life like stars at night. But just like stars—sometimes when Hanbin tries to reach him, he is too far away.”


My first BinHwan. Let's keep BinHwan alive!!

I would be so happy if some BinHwan stans support this story, let's be friends^^


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Chapter 3: Omg. This is so sweet. Plus the ending of this chapter is perfect. But I wish the chapter was longer. Pls update soon. And I hope it won't become those school bullying jinan story. Because this story is sweet, don't make it sad, pls!
Jia_Lie #2
Chapter 3: Finally, you update it wkwk
Thank you so much...

And, oh let me guess! Hanbin has secret feeling for jinhwan, right?
but, it seems like jinhwan knew nothing...

My binhwan feels kkkkkk.....

Then, I dunno why but I think you have big secret about this...
I hope you don't think to make this into sad story wkwk
I really like the beginning of the story with Hanbin unconsciously falling for Jinhwan. Update soon. And yup, lets keep binhwan alive!! :)
HeartMole #4
Chapter 2: waaaah so cute! i cant wait to see how this turns out! keep it up <3
HeartMole #5
Chapter 1: yeah it's hard to find binhwan fics! T^T i wrote one as well but i believe yours are better! :D cant wait to read <3
Chapter 2: This chapter was very beautiful and magical to me :) I can't wait for moreeeee<3
joonieoppasaranghae #7
Chapter 1: Yay!! Binhwan, my fav ship!!^^
Chapter 1: Yes! New binhwan fic ^^ update soon. I'll be waiting ^^
Saw this and it looks good; I can't wait to read this!