The Serpent and The Raven



VIXX Leo au / Harry Potter au

A/N: Ok so I’ve never read HP books but I have seen the movies. I’m not super hardcore so for those of you that are, I’m sorry for any inconsistencies or any things I may have drifted from the original. (Like the lack of Platform 9 ¾, sorry). Wrote this to cheer up a dear friend, so this is dedicated to you, you know who you are bby girl. I hope you feel better, know that I’m always here for you. And if anyone else ever needs to talk my ask/messsges are always open. I’ve missed writing, it’s been a while since I had a nice surge of inspiration, ah~ Without further ado (I’ve talked too much) Let's get this show on the road!
[ self-insert kind of thing btw~ ]


Perhaps one night you'd have a dream so fascinating... you'd never wake up from it. Enter the serpent, with his miserable existence. Rumor has it you've charmed him with your spell. Oh no, best be on your way now or you'll be late to Transfiguration class!

btw I'm also jungjijel on tumblr, so no I didn't copy anyone's story. just in case someone happens to think that

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