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Hello ^^ We meet again~ (if you know my IG, Tumblr, or Twitter @jungjijel moved/renamed to taeilmeyourw1sh!) But if not, it's a pleasure to meet you all!
Most of my older works posted on here are from/on my instagram account.

Multifandom writer, typically oneshots. Most often times fluff but am known to write on occasion (very rarely some angst). Also have a poem collection up, so be sure to check that out if it's something up your alley! ^^

 My bias list: The sky's the limit!  (jk, there is no limitㅡ) 


*NOTE: I don't write for otps. (Sorry.)
My work is predominantly reader inserts or occasionally involving original characters.



 Former username: jijelkim! 
 June 7th, 2019  
  →   taeilmeyourw1sh ♥ 

About Me


I know/love way too many groups, and I abhor all these pointless fanwars. (also, #girlgroupstansunite!)
I love to write and dance ^^ (I have dance covers up on my account JJDances❤ on YT. 
Check it out here if you'd like ^^ )

 Respect me and I'll respect you. Sound good? 


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Thank you for visiting, and you're all more than welcome to return!
Really hope you like my stories but also...
Hope you have a great day!


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Multi, multi fandom stan, because I actually stan like 587+ groups at this point.
SNSD is my main bias group, and my eternal ult of ults. But my top male  groups are VIXX and MONSTA X  group is currently NCT as of a year or two now. (I love all the units very much! There isn't a single member so far that hasn't amazed me in some way or another. I tend to lean towards Dream as my favorite unit however, as I really enjoy their music and crazy antics. 💚)
(VIXX doesn't do a whole lot of group stuff anymore so I've gone on a thousand tangents since... around just after Shangri-La I'd like to say. RIP for my former secondary ult group.)
But groups like Astro, Seventeen, A.C.E, Dreamcatcher, Laboum, Everglow, and many MANY more have really had my attention for awhile as well. 
(Used to be a huge NU'EST fan, I was a hardcore L.O./\.E... RIP Pledis and their management haha, but groups like UKISS, SHINee, MBLAQ, SS501 (etc) used to be my ult male bias groups at some point.

{   No regrets though ;w; ♥   }      #multifandommadness






 ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

R.I.P EunB and RiSe ❤

You did well, Jonghyun ❤

You did well, Sulli ❤

You did well, Hara ❤

[ A moment of silence for all the stars who burned so brightly, may the flame of your achievements and your love never burn out. We miss you, we love you, and may you all be resting peacefully, watching over your loved ones. ♡ ]

   ( last updated: Dec. 28th, 2019. )