Na de Na [Drabble]


Baekhyun fears Suho who has started dating Luhan.


[....Got bored and went to some plot generator.....sooo this one will be an adventure okay? Okie dokie~ ^^ Oh and as always don't mind the title....I was really letting my puertorriquena out pffft XD]



[Btw I'm crying idek what I just wrote orz] 




Yo te quiero dar amor/ y tu na que na
I want to give you love and you na and na

Despues que a todos envicia
After she gets everyone addicted

Y se creen que ganan, tengo una noticia
And they believe they're winning, I have news for you


Ella no suelta na na na
She doesn't give up na na na 
Dice na na na
She says na na na









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