Finding Happiness


GD joins We Got Married and is partnered with a figure skater (OC). Will real feelings develop slowly? 


Andy ran her hands down the front of her dress, smoothing out imaginary wrinkles. She was nervous, very nervous. She was questioning how she had ever been talked into being a part of this show.

“He’s on the way now,” a producer announced.

Andy had spent thirty minutes begging for her ‘husband’s’ identity, but the show’s staff would not relent. They insisted that none of this season’s participants be informed ahead of time; they wanted genuine surprise. She had even pleaded because she might not know who he was. However, all they would tell her was that he was a very popular idol; as if that really narrowed it down.

The anticipation was torture as she sat quietly twirling her cup, staring at the door. After what felt like forever, a bright red head bounced into view. Her stomach started doing flips as Big Bang’s G-Dragon stepped inside. 


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Killerkhaos #1
Please continue!!!!
Killerkhaos #2
It's been awhile since you last updated, hope you plan to continue as I would love to read more !!
Lilykwon88 #3
Chapter 11: Awh can't believe she feels like that... only if she knew how jiyong felt. But omg they are just too cute. Please update soon.
Ashleybswt #4
Chapter 11: Aww they are cute together
niknac #5
Chapter 11: Nice background chapter on Andy
niknac #6
Chapter 10: Little Ji Na told all of her mother's business within a minute. I was laughing when I read that part, and I always like reading stories where the author tries to give us a glimpse of what Youngbae and Jiyong's friendship could really be like. Nice chapter!
Killerkhaos #7
Chapter 10: 'He hurt my !' hahaha so cute. And I agree they are both young and pretty too.
Can't wait for the next chapter!
aikoXI #8
I haven't read the story but I know I'm gonna love it bcuz it's yours. Haha, your fan here... :D
Chapter 8: More . I need more
Chapter 1: