Midnight confessions


Javier is feeling frustrated, because he thinks that he isn't good enough. Yuzu is there to comfort him...


Since I really like this pairing, I've decided to write another fanfic about them


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Hello !

I'm a French girl who have probably read this story 20 times since I discover it. I adore this story and I want to translate this one in French on Wattpad, so if you want you can respond me or if you don't want you just have to ignore me.
YuzuruH #2
Chapter 1: Oh my God this is just adorable I’m crying
Jazmin8Sarina #3
Chapter 1: I wonder if they are sleep together ? please update your story soon:)
Chapter 1: My heart is so warm after reading this... So many emotions are spilling all over. As much as I avoid one-shots, I just had to risk it this time, because 'Don't wanna let you go' is takin' forever to update