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INSTRUCTIONLESS (a graphic shop)
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  iilovefeedbackssodamnmuchiilovefeedbackssodamnmuch UPDATED! (August 17 2021)Overall Donators
(for layout and graphics) abagil 5000kp aldrusy 3500kp Sobadnoonecanstopher 1500kp Kai-otic88 1000kp aleric 600kp SleepingPrincess 250kp kameleon (now chroma) 150kp Tae_Yeon_Kim 150kp hayleys 100kp sienL1 100kp mimirrie 100kp Koffilatte 100kp Minnie_L 85kp Emilieee 75kp -epiphany 61kp shashashy 50kp LuHaNsDoll 50kp quesojay 44kp delitescence 40kp Park_Taerin 30kp UPDATED!(August 17 2021)Feedback from old forms
(click posters to read their stories!) RECTANGULAR_SMILE " Actually, i haven't really found a postershop that has this exact theme i was looking for, most of their angst posters seems really off. I have always wanted a dark-themed poster but in the same time doesn't scare people away. Seeing your postershop made my heartbeats literally. I was thinking of upvoting even if I didn't request because your designs are really gorgeous. I'm sorry if I couldn't find the pictures, I trust you to use
what you think better. I'm not really that picky so anything would be fine, i trust you^^ "

-Rectangular_smile requesting for her story "Anonymous to reality

"YOU.ARE. AN.AWESOME.DESIGNER. I think this postershop is pretty amazing, Jae is very awesome because she is nice yet straightforward, and she makes a really beautiful posters that I have never seen before

-requesting for "Twelve Majestic"

  dry_petals I have being robbed by 3 different shops, and the others that did complete the posters didn't capture the character of my story in their graphics. But when I entered your shop the posters were perfect and trapped my attention. I was excited for you to open, thank you in advance. I admire your work.

-Requesting for No Exit

  idkanamewtf I really love your "illud" and "reincarnated" poster. And I especially love your "interrogation" poster. F***, I saw it in some review shop and all that went through my head was "damn, she got some mad skillz." I wish I can photoshop.

-Requesting for Her Adonis

-epiphany/t0pslyfe Your full screen layouts blow my mind. Seriously. How. You have changed the layout of the entire website *-*

-Requesting for Through Miles of Clouded Hell

AHHH what a wonderful half anniversary (happy anniversary by the way) event! The
layout is still as always, dope, and I absolutely adore all the designers' work! Keep it up all of you, you all are awe inspiring, I swear!

-Requesting for The Factory

This was the most fun i've ever had on AFF wow. Like, i'm pretty sure I spent about an hour browsing and reading through the shop on AFF, and then probably another hour finding HQ pics bc everything is HQ in Bat Pics and I have to reach the standard. And I loved everyy minute of it.

One of the most impressive things i've seen is this shop, it amazes me how clever you are with technology. Like, how can you make AFF, the most average looking site, look so sick?? (british slang for beyond awesome, amazing, etc)

I'm not that much into Marvel or any comics and such, but everything was still so attractive to me. If I wasn't a grandma at heart I would probably get into it. I genuinely had to download chrome (firefox user here I know don't judge me all my bookmarks are on it) just so I can get the best view, and it was so well done.

Tbh if my request isnt accepted, and I expect so since it's the last slot? i think? I won't request anywhere else for my story until you're open again just bc I know I wont be satisfied. The concept of the fic I just started fits so well with Bat Pics and just ugh i'll stop now in conclusion I really like everything like how do you even find all of these hq pics of the superheros and all those little comic strips and the concept of that little old man and the request list wow

-requesting for One Step, Two Steps

I really loved your graphics when I saw them and I also really loved your personality and taste lmaoo. Take your time with this!

-requesting for "Against The rules"

I was checking out your page time to time an
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Chapter 45: I missed this but I saw it displayed on the aff's gallery!! Omg 😭😭 I love it? No wonder you've got like +900 subbies, you deserve it! I would never dream of having THIS talent! 😫 I will be here to witness this shop getting +1000 subscribers 😌😌
Chapter 46: Congratulations on the 900 subs, Jae. I think I just sub here recently and now you're closing but that's alright, thank you for sharing all your creative works here and getting all people like me to get inspired by your work. For me, every poster you made is considered a masterpiece. You're really something. Well-deserved! 😊👍
Chapter 45: . . . i've been staring at this for like an hour now and i- i have no words omg i didn't think that a retro style poster would fit the story concept so bad like this?? bc it looks SO MUCH FUN - it gives the fun vibe idk but i can feel it by the first glance!!! i love how you make the color of the oc different from both sebaek too - dang she's the main character right there <333 the roller coaster detail at the back too 😭😭😭 i really can't get enough how y this is, thank u so much jae for this very pretty poster!!! you indeed have a pair of magic hands and y brain - and im very jealous 😩😩❤❤❤❤
Chapter 45: Wow! This one is so cool.
Chapter 44: Girl, I am loving this poster and the layout. <3
And wow, your two awesome forms came so quickly. Saves you the time and energy to choose. :')
Chapter 45: Wow this looks like a movie poster... awesome dear!
Chapter 44: I didn't realize it when did you update this poster?? It's awesome, girl. thumbs up
Chapter 43: congratulation Jae for the 900+ subs. you deserve it.