A short short but intense interaction with Junjin (and Andy) during a fan meeting.


I first wanted to put all one shots that i might be writing here together, but then i realized that when I'm reading i rather have writers not do that... hihi, so i changed it.
I often think of one-shots, when walking the dog, doing grocery shopping and during work if it's boring, my longer story's always start like that as well.
I imagine way to much...sometimes it really feels like I'm about to bump into Eric (or so) around the corner :), and that while I'm at the other side of the world!!! :O
I never get around to write them down though. But i decided i should give it a try as well, at least the ones that don't turn out to be a longer story or aren't useful to add in another story. It would be a good practice for me to end stories, i never can end stories...even in my head..they keep going and going and going hihihi

Anyway i hope you'll like them and i can keep writing them down. :)

If one of my one-shots inspires you for a longer story feel free, i would like to read it :)

Oh btw, names etc. are just random names, they're not from real people.


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Chapter 1: Love it <3
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